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Wedding picture taken in Paradise Island

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Looking for a highly skilled Bahamas wedding photographer?   We are based in South Florida and photograph weddings and elopements all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Renata said she had visited the Bahamas about 10 years ago and totally fell in love with it. It’s natural beauty, warm weather and sparkling ocean waters make Paradise Island an easy place to never want to leave! Just off the coast of New Providence Island, Paradise Island is truly a paradise – with its own bevy of hotels and a gorgeous strip of beach. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas is accessible either via bridge or boat making traveling to and from Paradise Island a relative breeze from the mainland.   When Renata e-mailed us asking if we would travel to the Bahamas to photograph her wedding we were thrilled.  One of the most thrilling aspects of being a wedding and elopement photographer is traveling to interesting places.  Because the Bahamas has such a small population brides and grooms have limited choices when choosing a photographer.   Because we are based in South Florida traveling to the Bahamas is very easy for us.  In the past few years we have photographed weddings and elopements all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  It doesn’t matter if you are tying the knot in Jamaica, St Lucia, The US Virgin Islands, Aruba, The Dominican Republic, St Martin, Puerto Rico, The Cayman Islands, Curacao or Paradise Island we could be there.  At the bottom of this article I posted some links to other wedding and elopement pictures I have taken in the Caribbean.

Bride and groom posing for casual pictures the day before their Bahamas wedding.
The evening before the wedding, our staff photographer, Albert spent several hours taking casual pre-wedding pictures around the hotel.

Planning a December destination wedding in Paradise Island must have been a natural idea for Renata and Miro who live in Toronto, where the weather is quite cold at that time of year.  Actually many of our Caribbean destination wedding couples live in Canada.  For couples living in the cold climate of Canada getting married or eloping in one of the Caribbean islands is an easy choice.  Both the Bahamas and the Caribbean islands are filled with a wide range of resorts.  Many of these resorts are all inclusive, so your wedding guests can drink and party without worrying about extra expenses.   Renata and Miro chose to do a sea and sand themed wedding – and they chose the perfect place, as I am sure their guests would agree! Who wouldn’t want to go to the Bahamas for a wedding? Many of their guests came from around the world, and from some areas that are also very cold at this time of year. It was a guest list from some distant corners of the world including Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow and New York City. To reflect the diversity of the guests, the wedding was hosted in 2 languages by a close friend of the couple.

Bride and Groom pre wedding picture taken in Paradise Island
Paradise Island is loaded with fantastic places to take picturesque posed pictures. This photo was taken the evening before the wedding.

Renata and Miro chose the Riu Palace for their destination wedding celebration. This incredible all inclusive resort was enjoyed by their guests during their time in paradise. With a magnificent buffet restaurant as well as several themed restaurants, there is no lack of options as far as meal options go. The resorts beautiful pool and beach area speak for themselves. This was obviously a fabulous choice for a destination wedding location.  When getting married or eloping at a Caribbean destination I always recommend hiring a taxi to take the bride and groom and photographer on a photo tour.  Sometimes there is no time for such an excursion, but if there is, it’s a great idea.

Bride getting ready for her Bahamas wedding.
Getting ready for her Bahamas wedding in the bridal suite. The bride and groom got ready of the wedding day in separate rooms.

Our staff photographer, Albert enjoyed roaming the amazing grounds of this resort with Renata and Miro, capturing many great shots along the way. The bride was wearing a dress by Angelina Faccenda and shoes by Prada. She was wonderfully complimented by her groom in a Canalli suit.

The first look took place at the The Cloisters which is a beautiful location for Paradise Island pictures.
These wedding pictures were taken at The Cloisters which is one of the most picturesque places in Paradise Island. For these photos Albert arranged this first look. First the groom arrived at the Cloisters, then Albert turned Miro so that he could not see Renata arrive. With the groom’s back to the bride he took a few pictures of the groom. Then once everyone was in place and ready Albert had Miro turn around and see Renata. The very second he made the turn Albert stated snapping pictures.


Do you see how the lighting on the bride and grooms faces looks even and with no harsh shadows?  As photographers who shoot all over the Caribbean we often find that we have limited choices as to photography locations and photography times.  This means that we need to be highly skilled in the art of producing images with perfect facial lighting.     It is always inspirational to shoot at a new and different location and on Paradise Island there are just endless places to create gorgeous photos. Aside from all the Riu Palace has to offer, there is the incomparable and world famous Atlantis, modeled after the “lost city of Atlantis.” This enormous hotel complex offers a world class water park as well as a truly incredible aquarium and an opulent casino.

This couple found us searching for a Caribbean Elopement photographer.
This is the tenth time we traveled to Paradise Island for picture taking reasons. In the past we have photographed corporate events as well as weddings and elopements in the Bahamas and all through out the Caribbean Islands.

If ever in Paradise Island town for a destination wedding, you should go to the main city of Nassau to explore the rich history the Bahamas has to offer. There are museums, botanical gardens and ruins to see. Not to mention, more beautiful beaches! Try local cuisine, such as conch chowder, a local favorite.

Bride and groom posing for wedding pictures in the Bahamas.
Most of the couples who hire us to photograph their Caribbean wedding are not models. As a matter of fact many of our clients are accountants, lawyers, doctors and people who work in other professions. Unless you are a model, or an actor you probably don’t have too much experience in front of a camera. A skilled photographer such as myself or Albert knows how to pose couples in a way that makes the look great while still being natural.

There is no question that Albert is one of the best photographers in South Florida and the Caribbean.  He is a expert when it comes to posing and making people look their best.  Here are some  links to more of Alberts wedding and elopement pictures.  A luxury wedding at Vizcaya  This wedding took place at one of the most beautiful wedding locations in South Florida.  If you have never heard of Vizcaya you could check out their website here:  VIZCAYA Museum and Gardens

He also have a wedding gallery of images here:  Albert’s wedding gallery.

Bahamas wedding photographer
The Bahamas wedding ceremony took place on a hotel balcony which overlooks the beautiful Caribbean waters.
Paradise Island wedding photographer
There is a great reason why so many couples choose to elope and marry in the Bahamas. Just look at this beautiful location! In addition to Paradise Island there are many other fantastic wedding venues in the Bahamas. I have also photographed weddings on cruises in which I covered wedding activities on the cruise and then the ceremony in the Bahamas.

Because I’m based in South Florida I get to travel all over the Caribbean photographing a wide range of weddings and elopements.  Here are some links to other pictures I have taken around the Caribbean.  Check out this beautiful Punta Cana wedding weekend!  This wedding actually included two wedding ceremonies.  One day the bride and groom had an Indian wedding, and the next day a Persian wedding.   This wedding picture was taken at an Elopement in the Bahamas at the famous Ocean Club. Check out This Photo!     If you are looking for more pictures by a Bahamas wedding photographer,  click here.   This one was shot at the same location as Renata and Miro’s first look pictures.

Wedding picture taken in Paradise Island

We are thrilled to present these photos from Renata and Miro’s sunny and sandy destination wedding in Paradise Island, Bahamas!

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