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Pamela and her bridesmaids look amazing walking across the Ocean Reef Club bridge.

Ocean Reef Club Wedding Pictures

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One of my favorite places to photograph weddings in located in Key largo Florida.  This location is located on a secluded peninsula that is easy to get to if you know about it.  In this post I’m going to show you some of my favorite  Ocean Reef Club wedding pictures.  I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them.

In late April, we were fortunate to photograph a really cool destination wedding at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.  For those of you not familiar with the Florida Keys or not from Florida, Key Largo is the first key off the mainland – it is really convenient to get there.  Once you drive off the South Florida mainland and onto the Keys you suddenly feel as if you are in a totally different tropical place.  Suddenly the scenery changes from urban scenery into a tropical Caribbean environment.  The main road that leads away from the Florida mainland to Key West is called the Overseas Highway.  Making the drive through the keys is a very fun and unique experience, it’s like driving unto the Caribbean Ocean.

Bride posing at the Ocean Reef Club.
In order to create some interest and show off the light airy tropical blue feel of the resort I used the lattice as a frame for this portrait of Pamela.

The luxurious Ocean Reef Club sits at the northernmost point of  Key Largo, affording it a quiet place away from the rest of Key Largo’s busy tourist areas. A unique and secluded resort, Ocean Reef Club is accessible by land, sea and even air, with a small airport only a few miles away.

Needless to say, this is the perfect place for couples planning a destination wedding. I hope these Ocean Reef Club wedding pictures convey just how special this Key Largo wedding Venus is. The privacy and beauty of the grounds, infinity edge pools, and ocean views make it a great place to relax before and after the big day! Ocean Reef Club is its own little town – there is a small fishing village with shops and bars, numerous restaurants and even its own little church where many destination wedding ceremonies are held (including the one from the wedding below). Most guests and residents get around using golf carts, as nothing is too far away and cars are barely necessary once you are on the property.

Pamela and Andrew’s wedding celebration began on a Friday evening with a festive beach party at the edge of the resort’s manmade lagoon. Guests enjoyed a buffet dinner and cooked smores by the fire as darkness fell. The beach party was a terrific hit with guests receiving lush Ocean Reef Club beach towels as they left at the end of the evening.

Bride and her girls walking at the Ocean Reef Club.
Bridesmaids on the move was the theme for this Ocean Reef Club picture.

The next morning, I began by photographing the bride and groom on their morning run. Later that afternoon, I captured all of the moments of preparation for what was to be a destination wedding to remember! My wife, Robin, photographed much of the cocktail hour and snapped some detail shots in the ballroom as I finished all of the family portraits with the bride and groom. There is a large fish tank that is in the wall separating the ballroom from the lobby bar where the cocktail hour had taken place. In the dimly lit room with almost nothing but candles provided the light, the fish tank suddenly sparkled blue and provided additional light and splendor to the room.

The bride and groom arrived and the party began! Guests danced all night and ate the magnificent food that abounded. We were able to sneak a few really neat shots throughout the evening as we led Pamela and Andrew to several close locations right outside the ballroom that were too good to pass up.

I recently posted another wonderful wedding from the Ocean Reef Club as well.  Check out this Elegant Ocean Reef Club wedding.

Weddings at the Ocean Reef Club are extraordinary and offer a unique experience for the bride and groom and all their wedding guests. Often couples will decide to marry at The Point,  which is a peninsula that leads out to a breathtaking view of the Caribbean.   The warm ocean breeze that comes off the ocean helps to create a tropical feeling that is unique and needs to be experienced to fully comprehend.  This warm refreshing breeze combined with the picturesque backdrop that only the Ocean Reef Club can provide make for a special wedding day that is sure be remembered by everyone.  For a photographer the Ocean Reef Club is a dream location.  Because lush scenery or ocean views can be found in any direction finding the perfect light is never an issue.  In addition as the sun sets in the evening creating a golden hour sky beautiful warm lighting is visible in every direction however, if you point the lens west toward the marina you will usually be treated to a phenomenal sunset.

Flowers at the Ocean Reef Club.
The bridge in the background of this photo helps to convey another unique location for photography.

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