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About this photo taken at an event in South Florida.

It's always fun when I get to shoot a unique and interesting type of special event. As an Event photographer in South Florida, I arrive early because I love photographing the set up as much as covering the main event. For this one I arrived while the performers make-up was still be touched up. The performer in this photo was both a dancer and a fire dancer. Not only does she look great but she was also a great performer. If you would like to see what a fire dancer looks like in action check out this link: Fire Dancer in Action. Spectacular, is it? I have photographed fire dancers at all types of South Florida events including, Charity Events, Corporate Events, Team Building Events, and more. One interesting thing about being an Event photographer in South Florida is that I get to see some very cool (S#!T) stuff. In the past I have photographed events that have included Rock Bands, Synchronized swimmers and a wide range of other athletes, and famous people. Photographing events in South Florida like this one required the ability to incorporate a wide range of photographic skills. Usually a client will request that the photographer takes plenty of pictures of the talent, in this care the dancer. They also expect pictures of the guests or attendees and pictures of all the VIPs, Very Important People. It's up to the photographer to learn who all the VIPs are. In addition the client, also paid for decor, food, music. They expect pictures of all this stuff. I once worked for a photographer who told me, anything a client paid for, or even though about needs to be photographed. It's worth the photographers efforts to over shoot than to undershoot.

This job took place in Miami at a luxury hotel venue. I was hired by a group of hotel property investors to shoot their once a year event. During the event the group was entertained by the fire dancer, enjoyed awesome cuisine, and had some important speeches take place.

How long have I been an Event photographer in South Florida?

I moved to South Florida from Los Angeles just over 16 years ago. When I moved I was already a well known photographer in Los Angeles. I spent the first two years flying back and forth from LA to Florida. As a event photographer in South Florida I cover a wide range of events. These events include weddings, charity events, corporate events which include awards dinners, cocktail parties, new product openings, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. I started my formal photography education in 1981 in high school and stuck with photography through college and after as a photographer in LA. To say that my photographic education is extensive is an understatement. Because this image is from a South Florida special event I'm mostly going to cover corporate events. I have written lots of articles on event photography in South Florida. You can read some of my full articles here: South Florida Event Information. Questions to ask your South Florida event photographer. Miami Special and Corporate Events South Florida Special Event Photography Corporate event photography in South Florida South Florida Photography As you can tell from the links above I have provided a wealth of valuable information about South Florida event photography. The topics covered in the articles include, required pictures, how to cover an event without being distracting, Slideshows, Headshots, Charity Events and much more.

Event photographer rates and fees.

Rates for different types of event photography vary. The rates depend on the type of the event and what is expected from the client. A wedding is going to cost more than a corporate event simply because beauty photography requires more retouching, control of the lighting, posing, and organizing family members and guests. As a photographer who shoots corporate events, commercial events, charity events and weddings, I can tell you I spend many more hours working on weddings after the photography than most other events. In a wedding photograph, I'm retouching wrinkles, blemishes, making people thinner, fixing teeth. It's not un common for me to spend several hours on one image. corporate events don't usually require beauty photography but I still want the people to look good. Another factor is the event date. Here in South Florida we have a busy season and a slow season. Our busy season runs from November to the end of June. After June, it starts to get very hot and humid. August marks the start of hurricane season as well. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I have to determine if a charity, commercial or special event is going to interfere with a wedding. When a client or company hires an event photographer in South Florida It's important for me to have a clear understanding of the job. I need to know, when will the pictures be due? Sometimes clients need the pictures the next morning, sometimes they need a flow of pictures throughout the day. Most clients are fine if the get the images several days after the event or conference. Headshots are another very popular add on the event photography. During a corporate event, companies sometimes have an entire department of staff members together in one location. This is a great time to have everyone get a headshot. Doing all the headshots at one event means all the headshot backgrounds could look the same. I shoot so many headshots it's crazy. If you would like to learn more about headshots for corporate events read these articles. Headshot Photography in South Florida. South Florida Headshot Photographer. Both are filled with tips and other information to help people look their best. Given all these factors I can tell you I have done headshot that range in the price of $100 to $250.00 per hour depending of a wide range of factors. If you would like a custom quote call me at (561) 737-5561

Places I work in South Florida, and how did I get here?

Before I moved to South Florida from Los Angeles, I had no idea what a huge and popular place this is for such a wide range of parties, weddings, corporate events, charity events Bat / Bar Mitzvahs and so much more. Actually I never planned on moving to South Florida until I met with Maria Cavanaugh who was the event manager at the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach. I was with my wife Robin on our honeymoon, we were staying at her hotel and as a wedding / event photographer, it was in my nature to walk into the sales and catering office to say I and introduce myself. She checked out my website and asked why I'm not living here. At the time I was an established LA photographer and liked living in Los Angeles. However, we also had no family in LA and if you have ever looked at home prices in LA, you would know a shoe box in a decent part of town cost about half a million dollars. At this time I was shooting projects for Playboy Entertainment. Playboy was sending us to Miami and Jamaica for photo assignments. Ask me about this, it was an interesting time. During one of our trips to Miami we drive to Boca Raton and while passing a new home community we decided, Let's Look. We were blown away! For the cost of our small crappy townhome in Encino, we could have a very large, new home in South Florida, with money left over. Between that, and the fact that my wife's parents decided to move to South Florida from New Jersey, I figured ok, I'm not about to give up my business unless I know for sure I have have a business here. So I got an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, on the beach. The rent was only $900.00 a month. That's crazy compared to LA. For well over a year I flew back and forth, I had weddings and corporate jobs in LA, then I flew to Fort Lauderdale, and tried to drum up some business. It didn't take long for me to start booking jobs. Then one day, I came back and told my assistant I'm selling her my business and moving to South Florida! Working as an event photographer in South Florida, I get to work at some of the most beautiful hotels in town. Of course I'm at the Fontainebleau often. I also work at The Palm Hotel in Miami Beach, The Ritz-Carlton hotels in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key Biscayne. I work at The Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale, all the Palm Beach hotels and I find myself shooting weddings at The Ocean Reef Club which is one of my favorite places. I couldn't even begin to list all the South Florida venues I have worked at. I even get hired to shoot weddings and elopements all over the Caribbean islands. If you are planning an event in South Florida and need a photographer, I would love to chat. Call me at (561) 737-5561

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