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This Palm Beach Special Event kicked off with pizzazz

Pictures from a Palm Beach special event.

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Check our these Palm Beach special event Pictures!

South Florida is a very popular spot for large companies to host their corporate and special event gatherings such as annual sales meetings and conventions. In addition, some companies choose to host more involved company-wide events here. Large holiday parties and corporate celebrations are often held here in South Florida where the weather is conducive to being outdoors all year long. This fire dance photo was nothing short of spectacular and the fact that it took place at the finest Palm Beach event venue made it even a total blast to photograph.

You can’t tell by looking at this photo, I experienced the serious heat from this fire bursts during this dance performance.   From a technical photography stand point, I had to use some huge flash power to balance the dancer with the flames.

As a Palm Beach special event Photographer, I recently photographed a very large corporate event held at The Breakers Palm Beach. The event coincided with the holiday season, so it served several purposes for the (anonymous) hosting company. Due to the wide range of activities scheduled for this event as well as the large number of people, The Breakers Palm Beach was the perfect venue to host the function. Many different spaces both inside and outside the hotel were utilized to fulfill the needs of this party. There was a awards ceremony hosted indoors as well as a sit down dinner complete with all kinds of magnificent entertainment. A fabulous cocktail party was thrown on the Ocean Lawn complete with music, hors’doevres, fire dancers and even a “step and repeat” wall in which guests were able to have their portraits taken and then pick them up later as they were displayed at a truly over the top dessert bash!

For the lunch event the client hired Rock with U  the best DJ in the South Florida area.

This full day event started with a afternoon awards luncheon.  If course just handing out awards would have been way to easy.  Combined with the awards luncheon was a DJ which incorporated a sax and trumpet player.  It was an afternoon of great food, entertainment and then the awards were handed out.

There is no question that The Breakers is one of the premier Palm Beach event venues.  After the awards lunch attendees have a few hours to relax and enjoy the warm South Florida weather.  After all the guests were well rested the fun re-started with an elaborate evening cocktail hour.  During the cocktail hour we took tons of photo and also photographed every one in front of a custom created backdrop.  Looking at these photos you have to admit that the floral design and decor team at the Breakers is top notch.


As one of our tasks was to photograph all the food that was served, we hope that these photographs will bring you the full scope of just how elaborate this party was on every level. The food, flawlessly prepared by The Breakers, was nothing short of spectacular. Every dish delectable and the dessert buffet was beyond words! Literally every type of goody you could imagine was available – from donuts to custom flambés, to ice scream sundaes, mousses, cakes and more. You name it – it was there and more tempting than ever! In addition, there were liquors, all kinds of coffee drinks and a cigar roller. No detail was forgotten.

One of the reasons I love photographing special events and wedding has to do with the fact that there are usually many different aspects to the photography. During a wedding or special event I find myself shooting everything from Headshots, to Award Ceremonies to crazy fun party picks. In this case I was even asked to photograph the food which is another place that the Breakers really stands out. I have shot lots and lots of special events here in South Florida and normally the food looks like, well food. OK cuisine, However what the Breakers culinary department serves up not only tastes amazing but also looks artistic.


All the table decor for this party was created by the hotel design and floral department. Between the candles and the table top exotic centerpieces the Venetian ballroom look warm and inviting.

For guests attending this event from northern parts of the country, it had to have been a real treat to be able to enjoy being outside for part of this party. With temperatures at a very comfortable level, guests were able to mingle, socialize, have their photos taken and enjoy the fine drinks and food – and not be all bundled up in winter coats! Guests especially were thrilled at being able to retrieve their photos in a beautiful customized picture frame with the company’s logo. It was a lovely gift to serve as a memento of a night to remember.

After the cocktail hour the fire dancers started. There was live entertainment at every moment. The fun and entertainment start at the awards lunch and went on and on through dinner and into the evening.

In addition to covering parties at some of the best Palm Beach event venues I’m also a skilled cuisine photographer.  Shooting fine food on the fly during an event is challenging the chef and staff doesn’t really have the time to pose the food tor pictures.  This means that I needed to work fast and get the shot quickly.


While the party was raging and the guests were enjoying a fabulous dinner our staff was printing custom 5×7 photographs which were inserted in to custom printed frames.  When the attendees were finished dancing the evening away and ready to chill with some desert and cigars.  They were also greeted with beautiful framed gift photographs to take home and enjoy.

As a South Florida corporate event photographer, I have to say that this was one of the most magnificent events I’ve ever photographed. The Breakers did an incredible job managing and coordinating all of these many, many details. There were lots of vendors to work with, plus the hotel staff and of course her client. We loved being a part of this event and hope to work with this team again in the future. Enjoy these photos!! I think they truly show what a great place The Breakers is to host a corporate party that’s beyond impressive – it’s an experience that nobody is likely to forget.

This Palm Beach special event was filled with everything anyone can imagine. Dancers, Music, The best cuisine, and Creative decor that only the Breakers can provide. I’m thrilled that myself and my photography team get to photograph the wild and fun corporate event.

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