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Looking for South Florida Photography? As a South Florida photographer I get to shoot everything from Special Events to Corporate Jobs, Product Photographs, Headshots, and Trade Shows. Often clients are looking for a single photographer who can produce images that include many photography types.

South Florida Photography

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South Florida Photography in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

If you are looking for a great place for South Florida Photography you have a huge selections of options.  I relocated to this area over fifteen years ago from Los Angeles.  I never thought about living in Southern Florida until I was sent here on photography assignments for Playboy Entertainment.  

South Florida is a very popular place when it comes to companies choosing a location to host their corporate events. From Palm Beach, to Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale all the way down to Miami, companies throughout the country and beyond have their pick of many large hotels and venues that can accommodate large groups for nearly any type of corporate function such as fundraisers, sales meetings, award shows, corporate outings and trade-shows.  The photo below was taken at The Eden Roc Hotel.  In this article I’m covering as many different South Florida photography topics.  These topics will range from Corporate Events, to Headshot Photography and Swimsuit Modeling for a Television show.

South Florida Special Event Photography
When I created this image I wanted to breath some creativity into what would normally be a very boring photo. By using a very long telephoto lens I was able to position myself at an angle that allowed me to put both speakers in a more interesting position. I was also able to add interest by making one person the main subject and throwing the other person slightly out of focus. Working as a South Florida photographer I’m lucky that I have the opportunity to do what I love and create unique images.
South Florida Corporate Photographer
This photograph taken at a beach in South Florida was created as part of a brochure for a college in Broward County. The idea behind this image was to convey college age students enjoying the South Florida lifestyle. Shooting at a beach always comes with challenges one of those is dealing with the sun. Because this shot was taken before noon the sun was high enough in the sky as to not interfere with the images. The fact that the sun was still in the east meant that the students had nice even lighting on their faces. I had to use a flash to add in enough light to balance the backlighting.

Choosing a photographer to cover these events can be a time consuming and difficult process. Often the photographer has to not only cover the events and speakers but also photograph portraits, celebrities, award shows, sales meetings, and trade shows.  Because South Florida has so much to offer corporate and special event clients and their guests I have found that during a several day conference I will provide many different types of images.  At a special event I am often required to provide headshots, Room Shots, Lecture photography, Food Photography, Product Photography.  Being required to shoot such a wide range of image types keeps a photographers life exciting.  If you are interested in South Florida Photography there are many places unique places to visit.  If you are a scenic photographer you can take a trip to the Everglades, or visit the Keys where the Overseas Highway will take you on a scenic drive over the ocean.  The views are amazing! 

Miami Event Photographer
This photo was taken before the start of a Miami fashion show. I shot this image for the venue what hosted the event. They wanted a photo of the room set up for various types of events.

It’s also not uncommon for corporate clients to require on-site printing and the burning of photo CDs or DVDs that are needed at the end of the awards show or convention. In addition, we can share your photographs online so that others involved with your convention can log in and view images as well.

Eden Roc Corporate Event
Shot at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach, this black and white photo shows a lecturer using a hand gesture to explain his point. When shooting events and lectures capturing hand gestures adds interest to a photo. As an experienced South Florida photographer I find that my clients prefer photos with added interest.


One very popular location for special events is the famous Eden Roc hotel. Located close to South Beach, the Eden Roc offers a beautiful beach as well as large ball rooms and meeting spaces – just perfect for your corporate sales meetings or conventions. In addition, the Eden Roc is directly across from the intracostal waterway. An evening cruise is a great way for attendees to relax and unwind after a busy day of meetings and seminars.

BELOW:  The Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach is a very popular place for South Florida Events,  I have photographed everything from Corporate events to Charity Events, Team Building events and a ton of Weddings at this famous venue.  Check out this fabulous wedding I photographed at the Eden Roc.  A Beautiful Eden Roc Wedding.

Eden Roc Photography

One popular novelty many out of town companies like to take advantage of here is having part of their South Florida corporate event on a yacht – and there are plenty to choose from, plus numerous docking locations throughout the area. Cruising up and down the intracoastal waterway for a few hours is a real treat for groups flying in from other parts of the country where boat rides are not even possible. This is always a great time for your event photographer to capture pictures of your sales team having a great time in a more casual setting.

Miami Corporate Photographer
Another lecture photo taken at the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

We specialize and do enjoy photographing South Florida corporate events of all types – I have done work for so many varied types of companies – from the medical field to fashion events, store openings, conventions, travel companies, universities, political events and so much more. Many times these events have really interesting and high profile speakers as well, so that’s an added bonus when I am photographing South Florida corporate events.

Miami Photographer
This photo with part of the Miami skyline in the background was taken off the Rickenbacker Causeway The concept was to show that South Florida has much to offer and is a great place to go away to school.

Dr. Robert Kriegel uses his water pistol to make get his point across during one of his informative and entertaining lectures.

Author of the international bestseller: “If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT!”, Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. His book, “Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers”, made Business Week’s bestseller list. His latest book about innovation and “out of the box” thinking is “How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard.”


Eden Roc Photographer
I must admit that photographing corporate events can ofter be an amusing and educational experience. This photo was also taken at the Eden Roc hotel. Because this venue is centrally located attendees get to experience the best of South Florida. A shot taxi or Uber ride will whisk hotel guest from Miami Beach to South Beach or to Downtown Miami.

The scope and range of corporate event photography in South Florida is tremendous and our studio provides many different services, including both photography and video. Some events require that we shoot and print photos on the spot, while others simply require a disc of images to be mailed out to the company after the event. Whatever their needs, we try to accommodate as best we can and process the images quickly, as is most often required.

Miami Corporate Photographer
I shot this photo for a Miami college brochure. The project required student life photos and college campus photos.

When selecting a South Florida corporate photographer, you should look for someone who is well established with a solid reputation and who is recommended by many prominent venues in the area. Our studio is always happy to receive inquiries for corporate event photographic services – we love meeting all the new people and learning about the different organizations and what they do. It’s not only a job for us, but often a learning experience as well. We also have several great photographers on staff, to assure that there is always someone available to shoot at the various events and hours that are required for each corporate event

South Florida Photographer
This photo shows college students working on a laptop. This was used for a commercial photo assignment.


One day I received a call to do a photo shoot for a TV show called Pretty Wild  The episode was one in which one of the girls “Tess” travels to Palm Beach for a photo shoot.  The swimsuit was designed by designer Susan Holmes.  Having shot lot’s of models as well as being a photographer for Playboy this shoot was well within by skillset.  We had lots of fun during this Palm Beach photo session.  Our shooting location was the Tideline Hotel.  We shot in several locations around the Tideline Hotel and then on a private yacht.  We weren’t allowed to post any of these images until the show actually aired on E!. Here is just a glimpse of our work that day. Enjoy!!!


Swimsuit model in Palm Beach, Florida.
Tess posing for her E Entertainment episode at the Tideline Hotel in Palm Beach. The show featured her in a sexy swimsuit made by designer Susan Holmes.

Shooting models in sexy swimwear in Palm Beach is a dream job for almost any photographer.  As much fun as this photo shoot was, it was still important for me to capture images that featured perfect lighting and showed the swimwear clearly.  If you look at Tess you can see that her face is lit with soft even lighting and her hair has nice accent lighting.  Having shot images for Playboy I was expected to deliver images that were wonderful to look at, but also showed perfect lighting.  This was more challenging when you consider the fact that the two boat images were taken while cruising along the Intercoastal waterway.  You can’t tell from these pictures but I also had a complete television production company shooting over my shoulder.

South Florida Swimwear model photograph.
Tess was a great model to work with. She was great at posing and took direction incredibly well. She fully understood that we had a huge amount of required images to create and limited time to get the job done.

To get these photos plus allow the crew from E Entertainment plenty of time to get their footage everyone involved had to work fast and plan every shot.  I was also very fortunate to have the help of photographer Tom Weber as well.  Because Tom is also a talented photographer he was a huge asset when it came to providing extra lighting and equipment changes.  

Palm Beach Swimwear fashion photography.
When I look at various surfaces I consider several factors, Is the surface reflective? Does the surface absorb or reflect light? The shiny surface of the speed boat was perfect for this double reflection shot. Because Tess was heavily backlit I had to add a huge amount of additional flash.

BELOW:  I shot this father and daughter waking on the beach picture for a real estate agent’s website.   Often real estate agents in South Florida want to convey the lifestyle of living by the beach or at one for the area’s country clubs.  Many people relocate to South Florida to get out of the cold.  Home purchases here are growing at more and more people in the Northern US want to enjoy warm weather.   In addition to real estate photography, lifestyle photography is also used in may other fields.  Corporate clients use lifestyle images for their websites and marketing material as well.  For example, a drug companies may want to show the improved lifestyle that can occur as a result of their treatments,  Beverage companies use lifestyle images to convey fun social gatherings.  Car companies use lifestyle pictures to show the joy that can be obtained if someone buys to right car.  As a photographer in South Florida, I’m located in an area with thousands of hotels.  Some of these hotels are high end luxury hotels that feature a very a wide range of activities.  Every hotel is fighting for a piece of the South Florida tourism industry.  Using photos like the one below can convey family togetherness, beach fun, a father daughter special moment or the perfect beach location here in South Florida.  For a family living in a cold winter location, seeing a photo like this could make them think a Florida vacation is a great idea.   This picture was take at a private beach at a luxury home.  The father and daughter had to take several walks in the beach to get the perfect moment with the perfect waves.  I stood on top of a sand dune and shot them from a distance using a long telephone lens.  The use of a telephoto lens for commercial lifestyle photography provides what is known a compression.  Compression causes the background to appear closer.  The psychology behind the picture is meant to blend the father or daughter with the ocean.   As a South Florida photographer I shoot lots of corporate lifestyle images.   

South Florida Lifestyle Photographer
Lifestyle picture of Father and daughter on the beach.

As a South Florida photographer, I enjoy photographing all different kinds of events and projects – not just weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.   Here are some links to a few of my most recent corporate images.  This one was taken for a company that makes home electronic items.  Here the design team is photographed evaluating a home security camera.  Corporate design team This photo was actually set up to look natural.  This photo was taken at Everglades University for part of their marketing portfolio.  The idea was to show the high tech modern equipment that the university uses.  Here is another photo taken at Everglades university. This  Aviation/Aerospace instructor was taken to promote the university’s educational program.. Corporate event photography jobs usually fall during the week – which is perfect, as most weddings are on the weekend. This means that we are most often available to accommodate companies seeking our services.

South Florida Photography Prices.

When looking for a photographer for your Corporate, Fashion, Special event or Charity event  it’s important to keep in mind that different types of events or photo shoots range differently in pricing.  One big factor is the event date.  South Florida has a busy prime season and a very slow summer season.  In the summer it gets very hot and humid here and unless you are in a swimsuit or in the water you most likely won’t be very comfortable.  Having a summer event or planning a summer photo shoot is a great way to keep this cost down.  Our busy season is crazy.  Once the snow starts to fall in the North, this is where everyone wants to be.  Some of our photo shoots require several photographers which adds to the cost.  Because every job is different we quote most of our events or photos shoots custom.  If you are interested in having Jeff or his team shoot your event or project, call us at (561) 737-5561

If you are looking to host your corporate event in South Florida, please give us a call – we can even help you find the perfect location given the size and type of meeting or event you are having.

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