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This is one of my favorite photos from the Club at Boca Pointe. It required some creative posing combined with a bit of running around. First I had to position the bride and groom, then run to the camera location across the lake and visualize the shot, then run back to the couple to correct the pose and back to the camera to shoot the picture or re-visialize the shot.  Using photoshop I was able tho clean up the image by removing some distracting features.  Everyone who sees this image wants me to re-create this photo for them.  Making my wedding couples happy is my number one objective so I don't mind re-creating this image again and again.   I do make it a point to add a different twist to this image every time I make this shot.

The Club at Boca Pointe Wedding

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Caitlyn and Alex at The Club at Boca Pointe
Caitlyn and Alex pose for a wedding portrait at The Club at Boca Pointe


I recently had the honor of photographing Caitlyn and Alexs wedding at the Club at Boca Pointe. It was a beautiful ceremony hosted at one of Boca Ratons most stunning wedding venues. Its crazy to think that this spectacular day all started with a right swipe on Tinder!

Wedding Photo-Journalism at The Club at Boca Point.
When people talk about the “First Look” at a wedding, they usually think about the first look between the bride and groom. I have found that the first look between the bride and her father is usually much more emotional.


If you are planning a Boca Raton wedding, I would visit The Club at Boca Pointe.
The Club at Boca Pointe has so many great places for photography. I shot this at a secluded spot along the main entrance. The front of Boca Pointe has a beautiful lake which makes a great background.

Caitlyn says she and Alex matched on the dating app but Alex messaged first, sending a funny gif of a Saturday Night Live skit. That animated photo showed Bill Haders character Stefon waving hello! After talking for a few weeks (and after Caitlyn dropped several hints), the couple finally met for drinks at 10th Level Tavern. Caitlyn says they hit it off quickly. Several days later, Caitlyn and Alex then had a proper date at Baja Cantina in Boca Raton. Alex would later propose at the same restaurant in front of Caitlyns family and close friends. Caitlyn says the sentimental proposal featuring her loved ones was perfect, because Alex “knows how much they mean to me.”

Bride and Groom share a kiss at The Club at Boca Pointe.
I shot this photo at a Boca Pointe location that most likely doesn’t get photographed too often. This building is part of the front entrance guard gate. Because wedding photography usually starts at the main clubhouse, with the bride and groom getting ready, the photography is often centered around this location.  Because I strive to produce images that are unique and different,  I’ll spend time to seeking out new locations.  I always thought the main gate had great landscaping and unique architecture. Since we had the extra time, I felt a photo trip to the main gate was a good decision.


The happy couple chose the Club at Boca Pointe as their wedding venue because they instantly fell in love with the venues grounds. This luxurious and sophisticated country club is nestled in the heart of Boca Raton and is the perfect venue for a classic, traditional wedding.  You can host an outdoor ceremony on the clubs lush lawns or opt for an indoor ceremony inside one of its many beautiful buildings. You can plan a small affair or extravagant event here on the grounds.   In addition two the grounds around the main clubhouse, there are also other great photography locations further on the golf course.   Often Bee will have golf carts available so that I can take the bride and groom for a ride to explore new interesting locations.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony location at Boca Point Country Club, Boca Raton FL.
Most of the weddings I have photographed at Boca Pointe Country Club have has indoor ceremonies. Caitlyn and Alex really wanted their ceremony outside even thought the weather said rain is possible, This ceremony was going to happen outdoors.
Wedding decor at a Boca Raton Wedding
Beautiful flowers along the aisle at this Boca Raton Wedding.


Caitlyn also spoke with me about Bee Alexis, the clubs wedding planner. The bride says Bee was “unbelievably sweet, accommodating and super organized. We could tell right from the beginning that going with Bee and Boca Pointe was a great choice.” Bee works with all couples to make sure that their wedding is a dream come true, straight down to every detail. Bee will also recommend the best wedding vendors in South Florida.  In order to look her best she choose Jaye Goldberg of Ultimate Bridal Beauty for hair and make-up.

Wedding Ceremony Time!
Wedding Ceremony Time!


Alex watching Caitlyn walk down the aisle.
Alex watching his bride walk down the aisle as they start the next chapter of their life together.


Colorful bridesmaids flowers that match the bridesmaids dresses.
I love how these colorful flowers match the bridesmaids dresses.


Flower girl watching the wedding ceremony.
Even the flower girl had matching flowers.


Rain during a Boca Raton wedding.
During the ceremony the rain started.  First a light drizzle followed be some more rain. This proved to be a wet wedding ceremony!


Wedding guests covering their heads as the rain fell.
As a South Florida wedding photographer I have photographed many weddings in the rain. If you have spent any time in Boca Raton or other neighboring areas then I’m sure you know rain is a possibility. Often couples who insist on an outdoor ceremony may get wet. If you are getting married and the weather report says rain be prepared. At this wedding no-one seemed to care, I actually enjoyed shooting in the rain.


Rain droplets on the grooms wedding vows.
When I saw the grooms wedding vows getting wet I had to get this detail shot. Without this rain drops on the vows this would be a nice photo. However, the added water-spots tell the wedding ceremony story better.


Alex reading his wedding vows during a rainy wedding ceremony in Boca Raton.
A few rain spots combined with some backlighting created this cool photographic effect while the groom (Alex) read his wedding vows.


Wedding ceremony photo taken at The Club at Boca Pointe.
Even though we have some rain during the outdoor wedding ceremony no one seemed to mind. The wedding was so emotional and beautiful if was worth getting a little wet for. Also, there was a covered patio area behind the ceremony so guests that felt the need to stay dry were able to relocate to a dryer location while still watching the ceremony.


The Club at Boca Pointe is located in the heart of Boca Raton, just minutes from the beach. The venue hosts several sporting events in addition to weddings, showers, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. The venues executive chef has a delicious menu to choose from, including plated meals, buffets, or appetizers. There are several ballrooms and event rooms to choose from while planning your event. Bee will work closely with couples to plan your picture perfect wedding. The largest room, the main ballroom, can host 500 guests. However, there are smaller rooms to accommodate small and medium-sized weddings. If your guests are looking for something fun to do the day of the wedding, the venue has golf courses, a fitness center, and a pool.


The bride and groom created their own special wedding day drink.
One trend that is becoming more and more popular is the special wedding drink. Posting a decorative signature cocktail sign adds an element of fun to bride and grooms wedding reception.


Wedding cake at a Boca Point wedding.
Wedding Cake at Boca Pointe Country Club: Caitlyn and Alex made sure to have the wedding cake decorated with the same colors as the ceremony and reception decor.


Once Caitlyn and Alex choose the venue and picked a date, they began looking for a Boca Raton photographer. Caitlyn says she was looking around the venue when she saw a wedding photo with my insignia. She thought the photo was stunning and began her research. After meeting with me, she said she had a really good feeling. During their engagement shoot, Caitlyn said she “felt at ease.” I was happy to make both Caitlyn and Alex feel comfortable with both their engagement shoot and their wedding and take these gorgeous pictures.

Bride and Groom's "First Dance" at Boca Pointe Country Club.
Caitlyn and Alex impressed all the guests with their choreographed first dance!


Custom printed labels added an element of fun the to wedding reception.
Alex and Caitlyn made these custom printed labels as a way of added an element of interest to their wedding reception.


Bride and Groom departed their wedding reception with a bubble send-off.
A fun bubble send off was the perfect way to end a fun filled wedding reception.

The photo below was taken at the club golf course.  If you are willing to arrive early and spend some time walking the grounds you will find that Boca Pointe has a huge amount to picturesque photo spots.  Because there are beautiful landscaped location that face in every direction you can always make a great image no matter where the sun in.  I tend to prefer images that have either soft lighting or back lighting.  In this photo I found a shady location with just a hint of backlighting.  This is only one of a entire series of photos that were taken in a few seconds.  Working quickly I had the bride and groom look at the camera, then I had the bride look at me while Alex kissed her forehead.  Following up the forehead kiss, I had him hold the kiss with she looked at her flowers.  By having a bunch of poses in mind I could quickly move swiftly from one pose the the next.  This gives the couple choices.

If you are planning a wedding in the Boca Raton area, then the Club at Boca Pointe is a great place to consider to tie the knot. Over the years I mist have shot over 15 different weddings and events at this wonderful location.

Because the Club at Boca Pointe is one of my favorite places to work I have a ton of beautiful wedding photos from this venue.  Here is a link to another photo taken by the lake.  This had become one of my popular shots because people just love this idea.  ( Bride and Groom at The Club at Boca Pointe )

I hope you enjoy looking at Caitlyn and Alexs wedding photos!

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UPDATED ON 3-18-2020

The Club at Boca Pointe wedding ceremony set up.
Check out this beautiful wedding ceremony site taken at The Club at Boca Pointe.

ABOVE: Several months after Caitlyn and Alex had their wedding, I shot another wedding ceremony in the same location.  This day the sun was out and I was able to get this photo before the ceremony started.  It was a great day at a fantastic wedding venue.  One of the reasons why I love working here has to do that the fact that the catering staff and all the people who handle the weddings are seasoned pros.  They all know their way around weddings and are well aware of what it takes to make their wedding couples happy.  As a Boca Raton wedding photographer it’s important that the couples I’m photographing are having a great day.  Happy Brides and Grooms look the best because they don’t have to worry about any of the wedding details that could be distracting them from enjoying the photography process.