You are currently viewing As a Miami advertising photographer, I was thrilled to shoot this ad for Miami Seaquarium.

As a Miami advertising photographer, I was thrilled to shoot this ad for Miami Seaquarium.

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In my many years working as a professional photographer I have taken pictures of a wide range of subjects.  I’ve photographed products, people, models, real estate, weddings, headshots and hundreds of corporate events.  One of the reasons why I love being a photographer has to do with all the great places I get to visit, all the cool people I get to meet, and all the unique photo assignments I get to experience.  I find photography, especially advertising photography an exercise in creative problem solving mixed with some luck.  Of course you need to be well prepared to get the shot when the decisive moment arrives.   Some advertising projects are not at all dependent on capturing a moment in time.  I often find myself photographing food still live photos from menus and online advertising.  It’s not like a club sandwich is going to swim up and only give you one second to get this shot.

One concern about shooting in a pool was how clear was the water?  Another question, she color is the water and what color is are the pool walls.  If the water is not clear then the dolphin is going to need to be really close,  Having the dolphin close means I’ll need a wide angle lens,  It also will require a faster shutter speed.  As it turned out the water was not clear.  The water had algae and small pieces of seaweed mixed in as well.   Once I got into the water with the dolphin I realize just how fast a dolphin is, even in a pool.  Luckilyy the dolphin trainer who as wearing a wedding dress was able to get the dolphin to give her a kiss.  It was a fast kiss, only about one second.

I recently photographed a very interesting subject!  It all started while I was at a bridal networking event sponsored by I was talking with Stephanie Bosco-Luca when the subject of scuba diving came up. Then she asked, “How would you like to shoot a bride kissing a dolphin underwater?” I didn’t have to spend anytime thinking about it, “Sure,” I said, “when?”

Photographing a dolphin for an advertising campaign in Miami requires some serious decision making and planning.  Some things you can’t plan for, the movement and speed of the dolphin is out of your control.  Some elements of the photo assignment can be planned for, simply knowing that your are shooting in an extreme situation requires preparing for anything.  Extra cameras a wide range of lens types,extra lights and several different underwater housings all helped me get the shot.

The photo shoot took place at the Miami Seaquarium where we met with Dolphin trainer Heather Keenan who was also our “underwater bride.” The Miami Seaquarium was being renovated for special events and corporate events. The venue will soon feature a new wedding ceremony location that will offer spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline.

With the assistance of Valerie Brizuela Mahon, from Imagine Weddings and Events along with my photography assistant, Natalie, I hit the water. The weather was perfect and our dolphin “groom” was all to happy to give Heather a smooch for the camera.


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