How to cover a name tattoo from your Wedding Photos

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If you are getting married and feel the need to cover a name tattoo or an other type of tattoo for that matter, these tips should be helpful.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day where you get to celebrate your love and union through a religious or non-religious ceremony in front of friends and family. For weddings that have a more religious tradition, sometimes it is important to remain conservative during the ceremony. On the other hand, sometimes couples just prefer to cover a name tattoo to appeal to family, no matter if there are religious ties or not. In these situations where the bride and groom like to express themselves through different tattoo designs, it can become tricky to appropriately hide them before the big day. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks of ways to hide tattoos for your wedding photos that everyone will love.

Invest in Concealer

Foundation can certainly come in handy when you want to cover a name tattoo and blend everything in. Companies such as Covermark and Dermablend make thick, medical-based concealers that are used to cover up different marks and scars without others from noticing. If you want to hide your tattoos and have it blend to your skin, give this a try! It is ideal to purchase this concealer in three different tones so that it matches the best. The first blend will be a color that matches your skin tone, because the last thing you would want is to have a weird, off-tone patch showing in your wedding photos. The second blend will be a little lighter than the one that matches your skin. This will allow for a smooth mixture to make it look more “lifelike”, because if you look at your skin now, it is not all the same color. The third and final blend will be two tones lighter than the first. It is important to apply the tones from lightest to darkest so that it blends in the best. Finally, set everything with a matching powder, and voila! You are tattoo free – and picture perfect.

Pick the Right Wedding Dress

Although there is an influx of wedding dresses to choose from when the time comes to say yes to “the one”, there are dresses that provide different coverage options to hide marks, scars, and even tattoos. If you do not want to use makeup coverage options, then picking a more conservative dress is a good option to go with. Some great examples of more coverage-prone dresses are ones that have sleeves, either with lace or solid fabric. Another type of wedding dress that is good to hide tattoos is one with a higher neckline so that it covers the entire chest and back. These types of dresses limit the visibility of tattoos while still keeping a beautiful, bridal look for your special day.

Get a Tattoo Cover

This is a quick and easy fix to cover a name tattoo for wedding-ready photos. Tattoo covers are stick-on patches that are designed to match your skin tone and cover your tattoos as a faster, easier solution. Unfortunately, unless applied properly, the patch is at risk of peeling off, which is not the best solution if you are wanting to cover a larger area.

Hire a highly skilled make up artist.

This is one of the best ways to hide a tattoo.  One of the make up artists I work with often is Jaye Goldberg.  I have photographed countless weddings in which Jaye has covered tattoos.  90% of the time Jaye can cover the tattoo so that it’s not noticeable.  The remaining 10% could I could finish with photoshop. There is special training involved with covering up tattooos. We use a special alcohol-based product. We begin the process by adding many layers of product using the airbrush machine until the tattoo is covered. We continue to apply the layers until a natural skin color look is achieved. Black and red are the two most difficult colors to cover. This special product that we use will not come off on the bridal dress and is waterproof.

Get Creative with Photoshop

If you want to wear a more exposing dress without using cosmetic coverage options, then you could collaborate with your photographer on ways to hide the tattoos through Photoshop. Photoshop is a great photo editing tool that can hide things you wouldn’t want to have in your photos. Think of it as the “harry potter” of photo editing. What you imagine and want for your final product, it is definitely possible.

It’s your wedding, why hide your tattoos?

Of course there is always to question, why cover a name tattoo in the first place.  When someone gets a tattoo it often a tattoo that conveys something that is important to them or their live.  Maybe the tattoo is to remember an important emotional event, or a loved one.  Some people would argue that their tattoos are part of who they are.  This is completely understandable.  Many people love there tattoos and take pleasure in showing them off.  If this is the case, then I suggest choosing a wedding gown that highlights your tattoos. If your tattoo was a mistake and done on a bet or out of haste than covering it up makes total sense.  However, if your tattoo or name tattoo is of a loved one than covering it up is a decision only the bride should make.  The bottom line is, it’s your wedding and as the bride you could do whatever you want. If you love your tattoos than why not flaunt them?

To Sum it Up

To prepare for your wedding day photos, there are a lot of different options to make your wedding photos the way you want. Whether it is through makeup, quick-fix patches, photo editing, or specific coverage wedding dresses,  there are many things to choose from so your wedding photos are picture perfect!