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I was hired to produce corporate event photography in Miami for a new phone / camera product.

Often event planners hire me to corporate events because I have to skills to produce product images as well as party and people images. This product rollout included models showing off the products as well as fine cuisine, speeches from the product designer and the design engineer. Shooting events like this are my favorite because I get to use my wide range of photographic skills. Often I'll ask the event planner for a shot list so that I cover everything needed by the entire range of participants. In an event like this I have found that I'm producing image for a wide range of people. The company PR person needs photos fast to press releases and other news events. The product person needs user images & the sales staff needs images to be used to the advertising efforts.

I have been a corporate event photographer for over 25 year.

For over 25 years I have been working as a corporate event photographer. I started my career as a photographer in high school when I started shooting my first paid photography jobs. After high school I attended college at Adelphi University as a communications / photography major. Wanting to be the best photographer possible I move to Los Angeles where I put myself in the position to learn from the most famous photographers in the world. Learning photography from names such as Herb Ritz, Gary Bernstein, and many others I took my photography skills to a higher level. In 2007 I moved to South Florida and started my photography business here. Since then I have photographed a wide range of corporate events.

Learn more about my past South Florida corporate events.

South Florida Corporate Photography article This article features a large sample of my corporate event photography. Images in this post were taken in Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and other places around South Florida. I also talk about headshots, which is a huge market for a commercial photographer. You can read my articles about headshots here: Headshot photography in South Florida and here: South Florida Headshot Photography tips. Headshots are important for corporate executives, actors, actresses, or anyone looking for a job or starting a new career or business. In addition to headshot I also photography a wide range of food and fine cuisine. Check out these food and cuisine pictures. Food photography in Palm Beach This shot as taken at a wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. Find cuisine photography taken in Miami This pear appetizer was shot at a Miami Hotel. When the Breakers, Palm Beach needs a food photographer they hired me to take this photo. Baked apple with cheese at The Breakers The key to shooting good food pictures is lighting. This picture was taken at The Boca Raton Resort's five star restaurant called Lucca. Pasta and seafood

Check out this Underwater advertising photo shoot I was hired to photograph a bride kissing a dolphin underwater. Since I have SCUBA experience I was asked to cover this commercial photo assignment. This one was both fun and a unique challenge. Here is another article I wrote on Corporate events. This one gives some very good information on event photography, your can read it here.

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