Hanging around as a Miami Event Photographer.
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Hanging around as a Miami Event Photographer.

Working as a Miami event photographer, I get to see and photograph a wide range of acts, corporate events, charity events and so much more.

This picture of a highly skilled aerialist was taken at an event in Fisher Island, Miami. Her performance was very imaginative and involved all the attendees as they entered the event. This event was actually a high-end anniversary party. Each guest was treated to a glass of champagne by this aerialist who swung over to each guest and poured their glass full while hanging upside down. I'm getting dizzy just thinking about her act.

Acts like this are very common at Miami events, and as a photographer these type of entertaining acts make my job much more fun. When on the job it's important for me to keep in mind that, while fun, I'm there to cover the event and deliver finished pictures to my client. At each Miami event, be it a charity event, fundraiser, team building event, awards dinner, or corporate event, the client is usually paying big dollars for entertainment, or special acts. Check out this picture of Kool and the Gang who played at a charity event in Palm Beach: Kool and the Gang at The Breakers here is another More Kool and the Gang in Palm Beach. Another event I photographed featured the famous Gladys Knight, I'm sure the client spent big bucks on her. I can tell you one thing, she sure has an amazing voice. For me as the hired event photographer, I delivered amazing pictures that made both the client and the event planner happy. Check out this guy, "Someone Famous" the Miami event planners team, kept a record of every person who had their picture taken with this superstar. One thing is for sure, the attendees were in heaven when the had their pictures taken.

I always arrive ready for anything at every Miami event I photograph.

As a professional photographer it's important for me to show up at each event I cover early and well prepared. This means, cameras, back up cameras, several different types of lighting gear, batteries and chargers, memory cards capable of storing well beyond the amount of images I could even hope to capture. I also, have a special system for managing my memory cards. Each card fits into a special card wallet designed to keep my memory cards safe. When shooting, I shoot my images to two separate memory cards. if one card gets lost, I have the same images backed up on another memory card. No chances taken here.

Covering Miami events often requires a wide range of photographic skills.

At any given event I may be required to take executive headshots, or shoot a product display, photograph a keynote speaker, or take photo-journalistic type pictures. Lucky for me, I have skills in all these areas. At corporate event is sometimes the only time when all the corporate executives are together. This is often the best time to get new headshots for everyone in which they all have to some look and background. I have written several articles on headshot photography. You can read them here: South Florida headshot photography and here: Headshot photography tips. Some of the Miami events I photograph require me to photograph a special guest speaker doing a presentation. It's important for me to capture both the speakers and the visual being shown as well. This is the case with this photo of Astronaut Scott Kelly. There is a huge amount of responsibility on the part of the photographer when taking a corporate or special event assignment. In addition every job is unique. If you would like to read more about my event photography check out this article, which covers a wide range of topics. South Florida event photography. In this article I cover topics such as how you should determine which photographer to hire, why you should never hire a friend with a fancy camera, unless you know they are a qualified pro, and how to get people to smile for their headshot. There is so much to know about event photography and you can learn plenty by simply reading the articles on this website.

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