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Fresh fish being delivered during a South Florida corporate event.

Working as a corporate event photographer certainly has its perks. In the past, I have shot a wide range of unique jobs. These include charity events, fundraising events, new product unveilings, team building events, even some political events' although I keep out of politics.

If you are an event planner, who is based in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, West Palm Beach or any other part of South Florida and need a photographer, please give me a call. I cover all of Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties. I can easily be reached at (561) 737-5561

About this picture.

This picture of fresh fish being delivered was taken during a corporate event at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I was hired to photograph several events orchestrated to impress and convey the fine food and catering expertise if the hotels catering departments and restaurants. At the time these pictures were taken the attendees were just treated to a cocktail hour which featured freshly caught sushi. It was a fantastic experience for all the attendees. The morning started around 10:30AM with the hotels head chef and attendees walking out to the boat dock at the back of the hotel. Then the head chef received a cell phone call from a fishing boat. The call sounded something like this. We are coming in from fishing this morning. Because you are the number one fish buyer, you have a choice from this mornings catch. We have fresh sushi grade tuna, just caught one hour ago. The guy on the phone mentioned several other examples of recently caught fish as well. The Boca Raton Resort chef replied to his call. Bring them in, about 15 minutes later a small fishing boat arrived with the mornings catch. The Boca Resort, head chef approached the boat and surveyed the morning catch. I, as the hired Boca Raton Resort event photographer shot pictures the entire time. Among the attendees was the top executives from Waldorf Astoria. The all seems to find the entire experience fascinating. Then the chef chose the Tuna along with some other fresh fish selections. The picture here is of the chef with the freshly caught fish being rolled into the hotel restaurant. As for that Tuna fish, it was made into fresh sushi prepared right there on the hotel's back deck. Check out this shot of the sushi chefs in action. The Boca Raton Resort and Club is home to several very high end restaurants, Lucca being one of them. I have to mention several side notes here. At the time I'm writing the, we are in the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic. Almost the entire wedding, event and hotel industry is shut down. The Boca Raton Resort and Club is closed and undergoing a complete renovation. What is being done at this time, I have no idea. The property is fenced, and when you drive past it's obvious that a major re-design is in process. I myself had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Lucca the day before the industry had a complete shutdown. At this time, I have no idea if Lucca will reopen or if it will be a different dining experience. Here is the link to the hotels restaurant and bar website page.

Dining and Drinks at the Boca Resort Before Covid-19 struck the hotel event design department asked me if I could photograph headshots for the entire staff. As a extra bonus the hotel gave me a very nice gift which included dinner for me and my family at Lucca. I actually did a post with one of the dishes from our meal at Lucca. If you click this link you can also see some of the headshot I captured at the resort. By the way, headshots are something I do really well. I have written some articles on headshot photography. You can read those articles here and here.

Special events I have photographed at The Boca Raton Resort and Club.

As a South Florida photographer I have shot an incredibly wide range of events all over the area. Because the Boca Resort refers me, I have photographed many jobs at the resort. Here are a few pictures from other events I have covered at this amazing South Florida Venue.

Astronaut Scott Kelly - I shot this one at a conference for a plastic manufacturing organization. What does an astronaut have to do with plastic? As Scott mentioned during his lecture, astronauts live in a world of plastic. Plastic conforms to any shape, making it perfect of odd shaped storage spaces. He gave an interesting lecture and I enjoyed photographing this special event. Here is another picture of Scott Kelly in action at the resort.

Gladys Knight - I got to photograph Gladys Knight at a very high end birthday party. I hate to think about what it cost to get her to perform at this South Florida event.

Payton Manning - Another superstar I got to photograph at the Boca Resort. At this event every attendee got a picture with Payton, then they each got to go home with a beautiful silver frame that had a picture of the two of them inserted into the frame. This type of job is referred to as a Step and Repeat photo session. It's very common at events in Boca Raton and South Florida. Step and Repeat refers to the act of stepping in front of the camera, having a picture taken then the next attendee steps into the frame.

Lecture by a Fighter Pilot. - This was shot at a corporate sales event which took place at the resort. The pilot talked about facing headwinds in life and mentioned how a plane must needs a headwind to take to the skys. It was an interesting lecture.

In addition to photographing events at the hotel, I also have shot a wide range of weddings, and family portrait shoots at the Boca Resort. If you are planning an event at the Boca Raton Resort and Club and need a photographer call me at (561) 737-5561 I would love to talk. Jeff

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