Best Boca Raton Resort Photo
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Best Boca Raton Resort Photo

Bride and Groom photo taken at Boca Raton Resort and Club.

There is no question that The Boca Raton Resort and Club has the most interesting places to create beautiful wedding photos. If you are looking for the best place for awesome wedding photos then you need to check out the Boca Resort. As the best wedding photographer in Boca Raton I have found that working at Boca Raton Resort is always a fantastic photographic experience.

While Boca Raton Resort and Club has many popular places for photography I have found that it's the secret hidden unpopular photo locations that make shooting at the Boca Raton resort so much fun. In my attempt to be the best wedding photographer in Boca Raton I always arrive for my weddings early and spend some time walking around looking for places at the resort that are not so popular. Sure, I take my wedding pictures in the popular locations around the resort as well. Clients who hire me often ask for photos in front of the fountain with the Pink Hotel in the background. The main staircase is also a popular location as is the Big Tree and the unique walkway at the Yacht Club is a Bride pleaser.

This photo was taken at the far corner of the convention center. Not the section to the left of the hotel but the one past the pool and through the building. This is a part of the hotel that is almost never used. It's probably not used because it's a walk to a unpopular part off the hotel. However, it's this part of the hotel that has some of the most beauty because of it's old style walkways and pillars.

Since this part of the hotel is almost never photographed I had to move some stuff out of the shot. There were some storage racks and other stuff I had to move, but that was no big deal. The bride and groom were awesome and were thrilled to hear that I had found some very unique places around the hotel to shoot. They were happy to walk over past the pool to this location to make this shot.

In addition to the main hotel, the Boca Raton Resort and Club also has a beach club. The beach club is another part of the Resort but is located on a beautiful section of the beach. Hotel guests have access to a hotel shuttle that will take you to the beach club if you are staying at the main hotel and would like to enjoy a day at the beach.

Working as the best Boca Raton Wedding Photographer I get to photograph tons of wedding in the area. Especially engagement shoots. One question that I get asked often is "Can we shoot at Boca Raton Resort and Club?" I hate to be the one to break the news but the answer is NO. The hotel has a strict policy regarding photography. Only guests who are having their wedding at the hotel are allowed to have a professional photographer take photos around the resort. I can't say I blame them. No bride who paid for her wedding at the resort wants to deal with another photographer photographing in a location that she wants to be photographed in on her wedding day. I have shot a few couples at the Boca Resort but I believe that have enrolled in the hotels ownership program or the have received special permission.

However, with that said, If you are planning an Elopement or Wedding in South Florida I would check out the Boca Raton Resort and Club. It truly is the most beautiful wedding venue in Boca Raton. Nothing else compares.

Just for kicks, here are a few more photos from Boca Raton Resort and Club.

Bride and Groom at a Boca Raton Wedding.The main staircase at Boca Resort is one of the hotels main features. This staircase is the most photographed place in the entire resort. I have seen this photo taken many different ways. For this photo I went with a dark tone and lightened the center. This vignette effect directs the viewers eye to the main subject.

Boca Raton WeddingThis image was taken at the front lobby of Boca Raton Resort. The bride's gown came from Boca Raton Bridal.

Boca Raton Wedding photographerI shot this photo at the croquet course at the far end of the resort. For this image I used a special camera that I had modified for infrared. I love the unique look of infrared photography. A blue tone further enhanced this image.

If you are recently engaged and looking for a beautiful wedding venue around Boca Raton and Boca Resort is not possible please ask me for help. Even though Boca Raton Resort and Club is totally unique there are other places that are also very beautiful and great for wedding pictures. Close to Boca Raton is the town of Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale. While not Boca these cities also have some fantastic wedding venues. I'm very happy to point you in the right direction. In addition the area of West Boca Raton has some beautiful wedding locations such as Boca Point Country Club, which is one of my favorite wedding locations. Here is a link to Boca Pointe: A wet wedding at Club at Boca Point Wedding which I recently photographed. Mizner Country Club is also a wonderful wedding location. Mizner country club is one of those locations that is off the radar. However it's a really beautiful location. Hopefully this article will help put it on the radar. Parkland Country Club is also beautiful, and I love working there. If you visit my blog you will find several weddings that I shot in Boca Raton.

Feel free to visit the different galleries in my website and look for other beautiful photos. I would be happy to give you the 411 on any wedding location you find.

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