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Photographer in Palm Beach

If you are looking for a photographer who has experience shooting in Palm Beach guess what? You found one. It's been over 15 years since I moved from LA to South Florida to continue photographing luxury weddings. Now that I've been here for a few years I safely say that I'm well aware of all the great places for wedding and event photography as well as engagement shoots.

For this Palm Beach Engagement shoot I recommended that we take pictures on Worth avenue. Worth Avenue is the ritzy main shopping drag in Palm Beach. When makes this place so great for engagement and portrait shoot is the fact that the area has the most beautiful scenic landscaping in the area. Everyplace you look is a European looking pillar or archway or light fixture. The trees and bushes are all well manicured and seem to be placed in the perfect area for the background of a photo. At places along the stores are inlets that lead to picturesque looking alcoves. Some of the paths lead to gardens that include fountains and statues that I'm sure cost a fortune. If you head east on Worth avenue toward the end of the road you come to an interesting looking clock tower. Beyond the clock tower is a very nice stretch of beach. In South Florida we have many beaches, however not all the beaches have nice rock formations like the beach at the end of Worth Avenue has. In addition the beach is not very crowded so it's perfect for a Palm Beach Photographer like myself to take pictures.

This picture taken during an engagement shoot was taken on an upstairs walkway. As in typical Worth avenue style the plants in the background were part of the scenic decor found all around Worth Avenue.

Looking at this engagement portrait you can see it's a simple causally posed photo. All I did was ask the guy, or in this case the soon to be groom to shift his weight to one foot and put a hand in a pocket. The she just snuggled up next to him. By adding a tine bit of flash I was able to enhance the eyes.

How much does wedding or engagement photography in Palm Beach cost? Your wedding and engagement photography investment one of the most important decisions you can make. Wedding and engagement prices vary depending on the size of the wedding and how many hours will be needed. In addition our packages can include an album or no album if you just want the high res digital images. In addition all of your pictures are retouched so you look your best. As you continue through life’s journey together you sill find that your wedding and engagement pictures will become more and more valuable. As your family grows and your children get older they will become more interested in your early relationship and will want to see your wedding and engagement pictures. As your photographer, I am committed to preserving these special life moments in the most artistic, and creative manner possible.

As a photographer in Palm Beach I have shot a wide range of engagement photos and wedding photos at all the great locations in the area. Below are some links to other pictures I have taken in and around Worth Avenue.

Bride and Groom at The Breakers. This photo was taken at a hotel just down the road from Worth Avenue. The Breakers is the largest hotel in the area and is the most beautiful hotels in South Florida. It's a hotel worth check out. Even if you decide to stop in for lunch at one of it's restaurants it's with the visit.

Bride in Reflection at The Eau, Palm Beach. Just down the road South on Ocean Blvd is the Eau Palm Beach. This is another lovely luxury hotel that has amazing landscaping and a fabulous lobby which is perfect for pictures. If you are recently engaged and looking for a Palm Beach wedding venue then visit the Eau.

A Worth Avenue Engagement Shoot. If you would like to see more pictures from a Palm Beach Engagement shoot then check out this one. Here you will find photos from all over Worth Avenue and Palm Beach.

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