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As a Palm Beach County headshot photographer I guarantee you will look great in your custom headshots.

What is a custom headshot? A custom headshot photo session is one in which you get a wide range fo headshots to choose from. Our custom headshot sessions include headshots taken both indoors with backdrops as well as outdoors. We customize them by selecting backgrounds that play into the person being photographed. If I'm shooting a guy who wants a corporate look, I'm going to shoot with an office building in the background. If he doesn't want to appear so corporate in his headshot, I'll find a place with a more structured background that is more manly. If I'm photographing a woman or a young girl, I'll shoot by nice greenery or some floral type backgrounds. Because I live in a very nice community in Palm Beach County, I could offer inexpensive beautiful headshot photography that is convenient and low stress. Last week I photographed 3 corporate executives during the week. We started the headshot photo session at 10:00AM and finished the session at 11:00AM. By 2:00PM I had presented the retouch pictures to the client.

Because I'm located in Boynton Beach, I can easily serve all of Palm Beach County. If you are in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Stuart or Port St Lucie, call me for an easy and convenient headshot. I also serve all of South Florida as well. If you are in Broward County or around Miami, Fort Lauderdale, feel free to reach out to me as well.

We also offer retouched Palm Beach County headshots as well.

Even supermodels want retouching. As a photographer, I have photographed a wide range of assignments. These portrait based photo assignments include photography for cosmetic companies, movie studios, advertising agencies, public relation firms, model agencies, and more. On common theme is everyone wants to look awesome. It doesn't matter if you are in Hollywood, New York or Palm Beach County everyone want to look fantastic. While my pictures look wonderful right out of the camera, some people would like a tiny bit of extra help. Maybe, it's teeth whitening, a slight tummy tuck, figure enhancements, eye enhancements, I do all of that. However, I retouch in a way that looks as natural as possible.

Need hair and makeup recommendations in Palm Beach County?

Let's get this out of the way right now! Lulu for hair and makeup There you have it. If you are a girl and need hair and makeup before your headshots photo session, stop in and see Lulu. She will make sure you look amazing. If for some reason you need other referrals give me a call at (561) 737-5561 and I'll point you in the right direction. As a Palm Beach County headshot photographer, my goal is to make sure you look your best.

I won't leave you hanging.

Most people who hire me have little or no experience in front of the camera. Did you know that attitude plays as huge part in the outcome of your headshots. If the person being photographed feels nervous, they will look nervous. If the person being photographed is relaxed and happy, they will look like they have their picture taken often, and love being in front of the camera. This is why it's critical that your photographer takes control of the photography and actually poses and directs. I know some people say, I don't want to look posed. They say this because they have seen so many posed pictures that look fake. My style of posing is based on many years of working with the best, and most talented photographers on the planet. My posing is done in such a way that the direction I give makes sense and feels natural to the person being photographed. If pose from the legs, up which affects to entire picture. OK - if it's a headshot, why are you posing my feet and legs? Simple, your posture starts with your legs and how you place your weight on your legs. Once you are in front of my camera, you will understand.

A gift to take with you after you Palm Beach County headshot photo session.

Once we finish taking pictures, you will know how to pose. I'm very good at explaining the concept of looking good in from of the camera. I find it funny how some photographers learn posing, then they either don't direct their clients in a understandable way. They say stuff like, turn this way, do this with your arms, point your legs to the left, right, whatever. Some of these headshot photographers know what they are doing, others simply don't. By spending just a few moments teaching the basic concepts of posing, then letting your model, corporate, business woman, social media model, or whomever, do their thing using my tips and maybe a tiny bit to extra direction they will look awesome. The gift is that they will finish the headshot session knowing how to pose. How do I know this? I see it in my wedding clients. Once the wedding is finished and the couple starts to post those honeymoon pictures on Facebook or Instagram I can see my posing instruction has sank in. I can see the couple in Tahiti, with the bride doing the shift weight pose, I see the hands in action pose, I see the face first pose and many more. What's the face first pose, call me to find out! If you would like more information on headshot photography in South Florida or Palm Beach County, here are some links to article I wrote on headshot. Headshot photography in South Florida in this article I cover some of the different types of headshot you can have taken. I also talk about, what makes a great headshot photographer? There is a section on How to smile naturally. I also talk about what to wear to you headshot photo session. In this article Posing for your South Florida headshot. I talk about how to pose and retouching as well as, why everyone should have a great headshot? I also talk about camera equipment and lens selections. If you have difficulty smiling, read this article How to smile for the camera, even if you are not great at smiling. If you own a business and need more information on headshots for business people click through to this photo, after you enjoyed to photo click the image info button for the article. Business headshot

I hope you found this helpful. If you need your headshot taken, call me at (561) 737-5561


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