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Breakers Wedding, Palm Beach Florida

Wedding photography at The Breakers, Palm Beach.

I shot this lovely Bride and Groom photo at one of Palm Beaches most iconic and beautiful hotels, The Breakers. If you were newly engaged and looking for a wedding venue in Palm Beach I would imagine that you have heard of the world famous Breakers Hotel. Not only is The Breakers a fantastic place to tie the knot, it’s also a wedding photographers dream location. As one of the best South Florida Wedding Photographers, I have taken photos at almost all of the awesome wedding venues that South Florida has to offer.

Over the years as a South Florida Wedding Photographer I have shot weddings in Miami, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton and of course Palm Beach.

In South Florida its pretty common knowledge that the Breakers is one of the most prestigious wedding locations, the breakers has many different ballrooms as wedding at many outdoor wedding sites. When getting married at The Breakers, you can choose from a selection of beautiful ballrooms such as: The Circle Ballroom, The Venetian Ballroom, The Mediterranean Ballroom, and the Ponce de Leon Ballroom. Of course there are more beautiful rooms and ballrooms that just the four I listed. All these ballrooms are beautiful and offer their unique special appeal.

This Bride and Groom photo was taken along a walkway at the back of the Breakers. This photo appears the way I envisioned it. Often there is a difference between the way a photographer envisions a photo and the way the photo actually appears once the photo is taken. It’s the mark of a good photographer, when your wedding photographer can actually imagine the wedding photo and then create it.

The sea wall in this photo is actually about 4-5 feet tall which would make it impossible for a photographer to capture this image from ground level.

Knowing that I wanted to show both the bride and groom’s faces and the ocean in one photo, I had to thing this photo through. First I found an area along the walkway that had a raised staircase leading up to a back door behind The Breakers. I posed the bride and groom with their heads tilted slightly away from the camera. I did this because I knew that I would have to shoot this from a high camera angle. Then I used my tripod as a giant selfie stick and using my camera’s self-timer I held the camera high over my head and the camera fired blind. (Actually not really blind) I used a wider angle lens which insured I would get something useable. Doing this got me the photo of the bride and groom looking out. However, it really didn’t get me the ocean photo I wanted. That part of the photo came from another shot. As soon as I got the bride and groom shot, I removed the bride and groom out of the frame and shot the ocean from almost the same angle. Then using Adobe Photoshop I stripped the two images together.

If you walked behind the Breakers in Palm Beach you could see this scene. The scene looks like this photo. However, if you tried to actually create this photo you would find that it is impossible to get this photo by simply taking it. Often the art of wedding photography requires problem solving. A good wedding photographer should be able to envision this photo, then figure out how to make or create this wedding photo.

Since I consider myself one of the best wedding photographers in South Florida I have mastered this skill of imagining a wedding photo, then creating it. While it’s true that The Breakers in Palm Beach Florida one of the best wedding venues in South Florida, to get the best wedding photos still requires the skill of a great wedding photographer.

If you are planning a wedding in the Palm Beach area or looking in other areas such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton or The Florida Keys we would love to talk with you. Feel free to give us a call at (561) 737-5561

Here are a few more photos from some of my Breakers Weddings.

Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

First Look Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers

Wedding Photo taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

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