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Jupiter Florida Engagement Shoot

Fun pose of groom with his bride laying on his back, taken in Jupiter Florida

Whenever, shooting engagement photos I always make it a point of doing some unique poses that I usually can't do on the couples wedding day. After starting out with the basic standing engagement photo poses I'll move on the some more interesting shots. Since every bridal couple is different I try to get a feel as to what type of engagement poses will work best. I also ask the couple if they are comfortable with doing a certain pose. The pose in this photo is one of my more interesting. It's also more difficult than it looks.

In order to make this pose work the girl on top needs to slide herself forward on the guys back. It key is to make sure the faces fall in a parallel line. If the girls face is too far behind the guy than her face will look small and out of focus. It key is the get the bride to be to slide herself forward to the point where her face matches his face. If the girl has long hair I always make sure her hair falls on the opposite side of the grooms face. I don't want the guy wearing her hair. When doing this engagement pose it's also important to have to couple lift their heads up more than they would expect.

Whenever a recently engaged couple asks me if they should do an engagement shoot my answer is almost always yes. I believe that the decision to hire a wedding photographer should be based on personal experience with as much research as possible. I believe the single best way to decide if you are hiring the correct wedding photographer is by actually have them photograph you.

Over the years working as a South Florida Photographer, I have learned that often couples will choose a photographer for the completely wrong reason. While I believe you should click with your photographer, it's also important back up your decision with other facts. Just because your photographers feels like a friend, or you like the fact that your potential photographer dresses well should not be enough to hire that person. Keep in mind that you are hiring someone to take great photos. They may look great at your wedding, but if the photos stink does it really matter what your photographer wears?

Whenever I get the feeling that the bride and groom are concerned about my still level, I offer an engagement shoot option. Even if it's only a 30 minute mini shoot, I believe that in just as few photos I can convey my skill level. While its true that in only a few minutes I'm going to get great photos, I also want to convey to the client that they will also be comfortable in front of my lens. By showing someone how to stand and putting them in some fun relaxed poses the couple being photographed will develop a comfort level that will translate into beautiful pictures.

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