Scenic engagement picture taken in Palm Beach County
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Scenic engagement picture taken in Palm Beach County

This scenic engagement picture was taken in Palm Beach County months before the bride and grooms wedding day.

If you are recently engaged and looking for the best South Florida photographer to capture your romance through amazing pictures, then call me, (Jeff) at 561 737-5561 Creating beautiful engagement pictures is so much more than showing up and snapping away expecting a couple to project themselves for the camera. As a photographer, I have photographed thousands of engagement pictures, first as a photography student in NY, then as a professional photographer in Los Angeles and for more than 16 years here in South Florida. If you are recently engaged and not sure about having engagement pictures taken, then it's time for you to consider the reasons why you should take engagement pictures.

As a great engagement photographer I will deliver so much more than just great pictures.

You will receive so much more than just great pictures from a Palm Beach County or South Florida engagement photo session. Considered the best wedding, portrait and engagement photographer in the area, a photo session with me, means that you will not only get great pictures, you will also learn how to look great in front of the camera. Many photographers believe that it's up to the client to give the camera the beautiful images by smiling and simply looking your best. This is not true, at least I believe it's not true. Most of the people I photograph have little or no experience posing for the camera. In addition most people don't understand the concept of lens selection, lighting, or how camera angles affect the final picture. After an engagement photo session with me, you will not only have fantastic pictures, you will also know how to look great in front of any camera. It doesn't matter if the picture is taken with a Canon 5D Mark 4 pro camera, or an iPhone. Doing to correct poses and shooting with the best angles will result in better pictures. By learning how to pose, even your honeymoon pictures will look fabulous.

I can't tell you how many people have told me they fired their South Florida photographer for not giving good posing direction.

I hear this all the time, sometimes it sounds like this; We had another photographer selected but we decided not to use them for our wedding because we felt uncomfortable, and received no direction. We already are not very comfortable in front of the camera, and when we asked the photographer what to do, the photographers said, just stand in front of my camera and smile.

I guess if you are a ham in front of the camera, or if you have and your fiancé have modeling experience that that may work. However, more often that not, not giving direction doesn't work. As a professional photographer in South Florida, I have even photographed many professional models who require direction. Many models with beautiful portfolios have no photography training and have no idea why a particular portfolio image looks beautiful. They just know they like it, why? they don't know. As a photographer, it's up to me, to understand what makes someone look great it a picture.

Sometimes someone will look great because the face was lit with "Short Lighting" Other times a girl will look great because to the directional "soft lighting" By understanding these lighting techniques a photographer can produce lovely images. Combined with proper posing, getting great shots in fun and easy.

South Florida is home to so many picturesque settings, your photographer should deliver, a wide range of images from waist up portraits, to full length poses, action pictures and scenics like this one.

This couple choose a park in Palm Beach County for their e-photo session. Located close by was a lighthouse and water inlet which gave us no shortage of places for pictures.

When I saw this setting, I knew this would be a pretty engagement scenic picture. I knew the lighting was right, the tree would make a great frame for the couple, and that little spot of back-lighting would separate the heads from the background. Here are other pictures taken from the same photo session.

Infrared engagement picture - this picture was taken using a special infrared camera the produces artsy unique pictures. I don't shoot too many infrared pictures at an engagement shoot or at a wedding. However, I love it look of infrared so I shoot a few.

One of my favorite engagement session poses. Every couple looks at me odd when I set up this pose. However, it always looks good and is also fun to create. Perfecting this pose took me some trial and error over the course of several engagement sessions. However, now that I have done is a bunch of times I can set up this pose in a few minutes. The couples always enjoy doing this pose and have a good laugh when they see how good this looks in the camera.

If you like these picture and are looking for some great places to take Palm Beach County engagement pictures call me. I am very familiar with the entire South Florida area and I can give you plenty of names of parks, beach locations, gardens, and historic locations where you could get great pictures.

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