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Engagement Photo Session IN NYC

Engagement Photo Shoot in Central Park, NYC. I just love to travel! Even if it's still in the USA. As a South Florida Wedding Photographer it's always fun to get on a plane to travel to a photoshoot. Having lived in NYC It's always a pleasure to travel back to visit. For this photo-shoot the soon to be wed bride and groom decided to do their engagement photo shoot in Central Park. Central Park is a fantastic place for photography. Located smack in the center of Manhattan Central Park offers almost unlimited options for engagement Photography. It's easy to spend the entire day photographing at Central Park.

Below are some of the really cool places to photograph in Central Park:

The Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer is one of Central Park's most beautiful bodies of water imagine eleven acres of water surrounded by beautiful vegetation and in a tranquil atmosphere.

The Great Lawn
In the center of Central Park is the Great Lawn, a green pasture that is considered one of the most famous lawns in the world. Located mid-park from 79th to 85th Streets, the Great Lawn is a wonderful place for engagement photography.

The Pond
Situated below street level, visitors can temporarily ignore the noises of the urban world and take a calming stroll along the winding pathways bordering the water.

These 3 are only 3 fantastic locations for photography. Keep in mind that having a great location with strong visual content is only one element needed when creating a great photograph. How the sunlight light hit's the subject and it's surroundings as well as the photographers visual eye are even more important factors when making beautiful engagement photos.

Location: Central Park, Manhattan NYC .

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