Disney World Engagement Shoot
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Disney World Engagement Shoot

Engaged couple kissing and holding balloons at Disney World.

This couple is in love with the entire Disney theme and decided to have their engagement photos taken at the Walt Disney World Park on Orlando Florida. They actually live in Boca Raton but were willing to have me meet them at Disney World to do their engagement shoot. Turning a work shoot into a mini vacation is always a great perk of being a South Florida Wedding Photographer. In the past I have had clients send me to New York City, The Florida Keys, Grand Cayman and even Los Angeles, just to mention a few interesting wedding destinations that I have been sent to.

After meeting the couple in the park we decided to spend some time walking around and looking for some great shooting locations. One challenge of shooting engagement photos in a public park is finding beautiful locations with great lighting and scenery, but also finding places that are not crowded with people. I really don't want random people in the backgrounds of my photos. Sure, I could photoshop out unwanted people, However not having them in my background in the first place always helps.

This photo was taken toward to end of the engagement shoot. We were walking by the main entrance when we say a woman selling Micky balloons. She would not give the balloons to the couple for the photo. However she did agree to let the couple hold the string further down the line so that it appeared that they were holding the balloons. Removing the sales woman in photoshop allowed me to get this photo of the engaged couple holding the balloons. I can't really blame her for not wanting to let go of the balloons.

If you are recently engaged and looking for a South Florida Wedding Photographer, I would recommend considering an engagement shoot. By doing an engagement shoot you get the opportunity to work with your photographer and see the finished results. In addition you get to learn how the photographer interacts with clients. Some brides and grooms re not comfortable posing for pictures. Some clients don't like having their picture taken because the feel that they don't look good or photograph well.

Having been a wedding and event photographer in South Florida for over 15 years and before that 12 years in LA I'm an expert when it comes to making people look their best. The problem is even though I am aware of my skills when it comes to wedding and portrait photography, that doesn't make the client comfortable with being photographed. It's really as simple as actually being photographed which makes the engaged couple comfortable.

If I had my way, I would not even do client meetings. I would really be very happy telling the potential bridal client, "Meet me at a park and I'll bring my camera" let me take as few photos, then let's talk. When a bride and groom meets with a wedding photographer, to discuss photography, the meeting is really as sales meeting. They tells the client that their photographer is a great sales person. It's only by being in front of the camera and seeing the results that the client can tell if they love their photographer.

During my sales meeting with potential clients, I'm often asked about lighting. I recently had a client ask about my ability to shoot in darker lighting situations. This only makes sense because often in South Florida wedding ceremonies happen in the evening. In this photo you can tell that the sun was down or almost completely down. This is a much better way to convey that you can shoot in darker environments then just simple saying, sure I can do that.

If you are planning to tie the knot in South Florida and need help choosing a shooting location I can help with that. If you are getting married in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coral Gables, The Florida Keys or Orlando, I would love to talk with you. I thought that Disney World was a great unique choice for a Florida engagement shoot.

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