Wedding decor used by Florida's best photographer.
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Wedding decor used by Florida's best photographer.

As a South Florida wedding photographer I love it when a see beautiful wedding decor!


Can I get great pictures with not so great decor? Sure I can. I can be super creative and make great wedding pictures anyplace. However, having great decor sure helps!

Welcome to our dedicated page on wedding decor, where artistry meets creativity. Here, we explore how stunning decor can transform your special day and elevate your wedding photography to new heights.

Inspiration Behind Our Photography

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I find immense joy in capturing exquisite wedding decor. It's not just about aesthetics; great decor sets the tone and vibe for the entire event, offering endless opportunities to be creative with each shot. Whether it's elegant table settings, lavish floral arrangements, or intricate lighting, every detail plays a pivotal role in storytelling through photographs.

Creator Highlight Linzi Events

We're thrilled to showcase the exceptional work of Linzi, the owner of Linzi Events, one of South Florida's premier event planners. Linzi's wedding table decor stands out for its cutting-edge designs and unique touches. Each setup is a masterpiece, reflecting the couple's personal style and vision, making her the go-to expert for unforgettable wedding decor. You can see more of Linzi's amazing wedding decor by clicking the following links.

Check out this room shot! This is from a Mitzvah I shot in Boca Raton. Linzi did this decor and it certainly screams creative. The type of decor works well for a wedding as well as other types of events.

This wedding ceremony shot was taken at The Breakers, in Palm Beach. This beautiful wedding ceremony decor was created with the use of flowers, and some very creative lighting.

This wedding cake shot was enhanced simply by the ballroom decor. I love this shot taken at The Villa Casa Casuarina. The round balls of white roses creates a very attention getting reception site. When I shot this images I was determined to make the round table top flowers stand out.

Shooting through decor.

Framing the Couple

Wedding decor can significantly enhance wedding photography by framing the couple within their surroundings. By using elements like arches, floral arrangements, or even strategically placed candles, I can direct the viewer's eyes towards the bride and groom. Sometimes, I focus on the couple while keeping the decor slightly out of focus, creating a dreamy effect that highlights their love story.

Enhancing Key Elements

The Art of Framing Through Decor

When it comes to wedding photography, capturing the essence of the moment is paramount. One technique I absolutely love is shooting pictures through wedding decor. This method adds a unique and artistic frame around the subject, often highlighting the bride and groom in a breathtaking way.

Creating Natural Frames with Decor

By using elements like floral arrangements, arches, and table settings, you can create a natural frame that draws the viewer's eye directly to the couple. This approach not only adds depth to the photograph but also incorporates the beautiful details of the wedding venue into the shot. It's a perfect blend of setting and subject that tells a more complete story.

Case Studies from Iconic Locations

Above - The Eau Hotel, Palm Beach

Take, for example, a wedding I recently shot at The Eau Hotel in Palm Beach. The venue's stunning decor provided endless opportunities to create these natural frames. One of my favorite shots was taken through an ornate floral arrangement. The flowers formed a delicate frame around the couple, making the moment even more magical.

Below - The Breakers, Palm Beach

Another memorable example comes from The Breakers in Palm Beach. Known for its luxurious decor, this venue offered numerous chances to experiment with framing. In one shot, I used the intricate design of a grand chandelier to frame the bride and groom. The result was a picture that exuded elegance and sophistication, perfectly capturing the couple's special day.

Leave the door open for creative photography. When I see beautiful decor at a wedding I can't help but to think creatively. Shooting through decor, using shiny decor to create a reflection, and using decor to make a unique wedding ring shot all come to mind when I consider how beautiful wedding decor can enhance my work.

I hope my use of wedding decor inspires you to think creatively about your own wedding.

Jeff Kolodny Photography

Click this link to see another creative use of wedding decor Bride and groom with flowers in the foreground

More Than Just Room Decor

Wedding decor extends far beyond beautiful room setups. As a wedding photographer, I consider bridal bouquets as an essential part of the overall decor. Bouquets add a splash of color and elegance, enhancing the bride and groom's photos. They provide couples with a natural prop, giving their hands something to hold and adding a touch of grace to their portraits.

Here are a few of my favorite shots that feature bridal bouquets.

Bride's eyes peaking over her bouquet This is a classic shot that uses the brides flowers to draw the attention her this brides beautiful brown eyes!

Bouquets against sepia bridesmaids This is one of my oldest wedding pictures, However many years later I still love it. I kept the bouquets in full color while converting the bridesmaids to sepia.

Great decor also complements key wedding elements such as the cake, chairs, and rings. When photographing these items, I often blur the decor in the background to make the subject stand out. This technique adds depth and context to the shots, making each element look even more special.

Wedding decor can also enhance my wedding photography when I use reflections. This artsy mirror wall at the Harbor Beach Marriott came in very hands when making this creative bride and groom photo.


Wedding decor is an integral part of creating a magical atmosphere for your big day. From the tablescapes designed by Linzi Events to the vibrant bridal bouquets, every detail contributes to the visual narrative. If you're planning your wedding and want to ensure your decor is perfectly captured, let's work together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to make your wedding decor shine in your photographs? Book a consultation with us today and let's start planning your dream wedding. Together, we'll ensure every moment is beautifully documented.

Additional Services

Apart from wedding photography, we offer a range of additional services to make your special day even more memorable. Our team can assist with creating a custom wedding album, ensuring all your precious moments are beautifully preserved in a keepsake that you can cherish forever. We also offer engagement shoots, which are perfect for announcing your big news in style and capturing the excitement leading up to your wedding.

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