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Sushi chef in action at a special event in Boca Raton.

This photo is part of a series of some other special event pictures I posted in this gallery. Photographing special events and corporate events is by far one of my favorite types of photography assignments. At a corporate or special event, the photographer is required to shoot a wide range of styles, topics, and photographic disciplines. For example, in this case I was shooting food and food preparation in an outdoor setting. I also shot food preparation indoors. This means people in action and the food. At a special or corporate event I'm sometimes expected to photograph headshots, close up of food photography, Product images such as the jewelry in this blog post. and lifestyle images such as this one for a electronic product. In addition as a event photographer, I get to meet and photograph lots of famous people, for example, check out this shot of Tennis legend Chris Evert taken at a charity event in Boca Raton. I also had the pleasure of photographing the famous Jay Leno at a car event.

South Florida is one of the most popular places for corporate, charity, and business oriented events.

Since I have moved to South Florida over 15 years ago I have worked all over the area. Clients have hired me to cover events in every town including, Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, The Florida Keys, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and many other places. Basically I cover events in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin County. I have even shot corporate events in Orlando. Once I photographed a project in which I was asked to travel to Orlando, Sarasota, Naples and back to Boca Raton.

More about this Boca Raton event.

As I stated earlier, this images was part of several different images all taken from a food inspired special event in Boca Raton. This picture of the sushi chefs in action was snapped after I shot this photo of the fresh catch being delivered from a fishing boat. Photography assignments such as these are always fun and challenging because as the event photographer, you never know what type of lighting and activities you will be faced with and required to capture. During a job like this, I'm always looking at the position of the sun so that I can make sure I put myself into a position to get the best shot with the best lighting. While the photographer can't control the position of the sun, the photographer can make sure they move to the best location in relationship of the sun. In addition it's helpful to have great photo gear. Using a high powered flash, I'm able to fill in any unwanted shadows and create images that are perfectly lit. Talk about a challenge for a event photographer.

Other events I have photographed in South Florida.

Working as a South Florida event photographer, one thing is for certain. The assignments are never boring. It doesn't matter if I am working in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Coral Gables South Beach, Miami Beach or any Place in Broward, Dade or Palm Beach counties. I'm always shooting something unique or someone famous, or at least well known. Having shot so many events in South Florida, I have written several different blog posts that cover the topic of events and special events. You can read one of my articles here: Corporate event photography in Miami In this article I cover a wide range of topics including, what to look for when hiring an event photographer in South Florida, different types of photography needed at a corporate event, headshot photography and much more.

Here is a link to a very interesting photo shoot in did in Venus Florida. The person in this photo was the famous Jacque Fresco. He was a very unique and interesting guy who has some unique views of our planet and how it should function. You could read more about him here:

The Venue Project

Here is another photo from a corporate event I shot at the Boca Raton Resort and Club check out the photo here: Astronaut Scott Kelly giving a lecture about his one full year in space. I was hired to cover a several day event for a plastic organization. During his lecture Scott Kelly spoke about how the plastic industry plays a huge role in the space program. By the way, Scott Kelly has a new book out. Here is more information about his book. Scott Kelly's website.

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