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There is no question that South Florida is a very interesting place for an editorial photographer to explore.

As a South Florida editorial photographer I live for unique assignments like this. Located in someplace in the center of the souther part of Florida is a gated dirt road with a sign that reads, The Venue Project. Once past the gate you will come to a collection of very unique shaped small buildings. This was the home and property of a very unique guy named Jacque Fresco. I guess you could say he was a futurist with some very unique ideas regarding a wide range of subjects. While employed at Douglas Aircraft Company he devised an idea for a flying wing airplane. At the time his idea's were considered, crazy. He had many other ideas and concepts for cars, planes, human habitats. Almost all his idea's were looked at as the concepts of a crazy man. He resigned from Donald Aircraft company over the companies design disagreements. In the army, he came up with concepts of altering flight by controlling the thickness and shape of wings in military aircraft his time in the military didn't work out and he was discharges. Today almost all of his ideas are in use in aircraft designs. During his life he faced set back after set back and while his ideas were considered off the wall and not feasible at a certain point his ideas were put to use in many products. He got involved in a wide range of political situation in which he expressed concepts regarding how life and society should function. He had some very unique idea's rewarding how government should function as well. Their is a wide range of information online about Jacque Fresco and several documentaries. At the time I shot this picture he has just finished writing his book. Jacque Fresco believed that through advanced technology human suffering could be unlimited entirely. He also believed that almost all the the political problems the world faces could be eliminated by using technology. This includes the human needs for food, personal items, and many other wants and needs.

If you really want to learn more about his radical concepts visit the The Venus Project. This is a website he created with the help of his partner Roxanne Meadows. Since Jacque died Roxanne has been managing the website and conducting tours of this property.

No question he was an interesting person.

Working as a South Florida editorial photographer.

When I view a photograph one of the first things I think about is, what is the story. Photography is a great way to convey the beauty of a subject or a great way to tell as store through imagery. An editorial photo of a gentleman holding an airplane helps to tell a story. Sometimes text is needed to expand on the story of the photo. However, by looking at the photo the viewer can tell subtle things such as, the age of the person, the environment of the person in the portrait. In this photo you can clearly see that this person has been working passionately on his craft of drawing and making futuristic aircraft and buildings. The story behind the photo is a unique and interesting one. When working as an editorial photographer in South Florida I find myself shooting a wide range of interesting assignments. Some of the pictures I take could fall into several different categories, such as editorial for corporate, editorial for fashion, even editorial for food. Because this photographs are part of a story they can be used to either editorial, news, documentation or corporate. For example this photo, this picture a fighter pilot was taken during a conference at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Lecture by a pilot in Boca Raton. During the talk the pilot covered his success as a pilot and becoming successful in general. This photo has been used as a special event in South Florida image, and a photo used for an editorial about success, or the life or a pilot, or it could be use for his charity. This image was taken for an editorial brochure for a company that makes electronics. It shows the product designers working on product development. Editorial photos like this one are usually accompanied by product descriptions and information about the products functions and design. An editorial photo like this goes a very long way in regards to explaining the mission of a company and it's products. Sometimes working as a South Florida editorial photographer allows me to meet fascinating people in all fields. This photo of American astronaut Scott Kelly was taken during a conference for a plastic company. This photo will be used for company newsletters, articles and other types of media. By photographing Scott Kelly in front of his presentation images, I was able to convey both this profession and some of his experiences working as an astronaut. Talking with Jacque Fresco was a fascinating experience. Unfortunately he recently passed away, just after his 100th birthday.

Location: Venus Florida..

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