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Sales and marketing staff discussing a new product for a corporate brochure.

This photo was taken for a product development company as part of a brochure and for packaging images. The entire days project required me to take meeting images from different angles as a way of conveying the sales team and technical staff at work. As a commercial photographer I was hired to capture the working images and product images in such a way that would make the company and product look best.

If you have looked through my website, I'm sure that you have noticed a wide range of photography types. Yes, I'm a very well rounded photographer who works in a wide range of industries. I have been doing photography since I was 16 years old and have developed my skill set over the years. In high school I was a photographer shooting images for the yearbook and for friends. When I attended college I studied communications which included photography, film, video, and audio production. By the time I finished college I was a working photographer. Once I received my BA degree I decided that in order to become the best commercial photographer I really needed to be in Los Angeles. I spent 20 years in Los Angeles learning commercial photography from the best and most famous photographers in the world. Seriously, I got to learn photography from leaders such as Herb Ritz, Richard Avedon, Gary Bernstein, Dean Collins and many other world-renowned photographers.

So you must be wondering, how did you end up in South Florida? Actually, my wife, then girlfriend was the director of marketing for Playboy Entertainment. It wasn't long until some of the staff asked it I could shoot some small jobs for them. I did and they were very happy. Playboy had a relationship with a resort in Jamaica. Several times a year we traveled to Jamaica with a stop over in Miami for a few days. The Miami area is considered the gateway to the South American market. This meant that my wife had meetings in Miami while I got to frolic around town. Long story made short, we liked it in South Florida so I decided to get an apartment here and see what happens. I had a good business LA but we had no family in LA. My wife parents were thinking about retiring from NJ to South Florida so we though I should see what happens in South Florida. As it turned out I get work right away.

One day I came into my office and told my photo assistant / second staff photographer that I was moving to South Florida and that she would take over the business. I still had a lot of jobs on the books so I flew back and forth so that I could cover those jobs. While I was in Los Angeles, I shot everything from Nude girls, to Product photography, Movie set photography, Food Photography and Newspaper photography. My clients consisted of several shampoo clients such as Redkin, Sebastian, the Los Angeles Times, Warner Brothers, Dermalogica Disney, and tons more, over 20 years as an Los Angeles photographer it would be silly to list every company I worked for. To answer another question, Yes I also shoot weddings. I love shooting weddings because weddings require a photographer to have a wide range of skills including skills in product photography, Portrait photography, Fashion photography, and yes even news or photo-journalism photography.

Please check out my website gallery and you will see that I'm skilled on a wide range of photographic disciplines. If you would like to chat call me at (561) 737-5561


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