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As a South Florida Photographer I get to shoot some crazy events.

Every so often I get to photograph a really fun crazy special event. This photo of a dancer dressed in blue feathers was taken at a party in Fort Lauderdale. Because I'm a member of several different networking groups I get asked to cover the photography every once in a while. This event was no only fun but was also entertaining because of the unique entertainment that was at the party.

Over the years I have seen some really cool stuff at some of the events I have covered. Here in South Florida I have photographed Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers, synchronized swimmers, and girls that have swung down from the ceiling on ropes pouring champagne for guests. Because entertainment is such a big part of the event scene here I get to see really cool stuff.

There is also a serious side that a South Florida photographer must be aware of. Often at a special event I will be required to photograph everything form headshots, to corporate meetings and break out sessions. It important for a photographer to have the ability so switch gears and go from shooting the really fun stuff to the really serious stuff.

Special event, party or corporate photography demands the skill and requires the experience that is expected with many other assignments. Often I will need to have several different photographers shooting simultaneous events that take place in different locations for the same client. Because I have a talented staff of photographers, retouchers and tech people working with me I am able to figure out how to handle any situation.

With every event or assignment we cover, we deliver the highest quality and creative images possible. All of our finished photographs are retouched and enhanced to the most demanding standards. All of our digital files are immediately backed up to several external hard drives and burned to DVD for safe storage. Even if a client calls looking for an image from an event 10 years ago, we most likely have it stored in out files. In addition we also deliver all the high resolution images to our clients in Dropbox or on a USB thumb drive as well. Many of the events we photograph require delivery of the finished images overnight because some companies want to present the photo from the day or night before at the breakfast the next day.

Did you know I'm skilled at corporate headshots as well. A headshot is one of the most important pictures you will ever have taken because it's the face your business or career Headshots often become the photos you share on your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or your company’s website. A great headshot says a lot about you and your company as well as your companies values and services. As a South Florida photographer we deliver our headshots complete with full retouch as well. If you are looking for a photographer for you special event, corporate events or personal event such as a wedding or family portrait I would love to talk with you about how to get you the best images and for the best value possible. Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561


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