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Miami Swimsuit Photography

Swimsuit model photographed in Miami for E-Television Network.

This swimsuit photo of a mode Tess was taken for E-Teleivion Network for a Show called Pretty Wild. I received a call from a photographer who needed to collaborate with a photographer who has experience working with swimsuit models. Having lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years I was hired by Playboy Entertainment to photograph advertising photography for some of their TV and magazine articles.

During my years working for Playboy I spent lots of time in Miami and Jamaica shooting swimwear for and nudes for their various magazines and networks.

When shooting models in swimwear it's important to make sure the lighting is perfect. I believe that the lighting on the models face should be free of harsh lines and shadows. While rough lighting on the swimwear and body could be rough the faces need to look good. As a way of creating additional drama I tend to shoot many photos very quickly.

Often when posing models I try to give less direction. However, when giving direction it's important to give meaningful direction. Tess was a great model and she really paid attention for the small posing details, Notice how even her hands are perfectly posed.

Location: South Beach Miami, Florida.

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