Miami food photography from a Miami bread factory.
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Miami food photography from a Miami bread factory.

This commercial photograph of freshly baked bread was shot for a commercial Bakery in Miami. Working as a Miami food photographer gives me the opportunity to create artistic images of tasty treats. For this shot I was hired by a Public Relations firm to photograph several different types of bread for the company website and for point of purchase usage. Even though I'm well know for photographing weddings and events in South Florida I also have extensive experience shooting food and various types of cuisine.

In the past I have shot Miami food photography for a wide range of different businesses and restaurants. This public relations firm recently hired me to shoot a menu for a Mexican restaurant menu.

While anyone can take a standard picture of food, shooting food in such a way that makes the viewer hungry requires special lighting. Food or cuisine photography requires lighting that creates "Appetite Appeal. Appetite Appeal is created when the lighting rolls over the food in such a way that the texture of the food is enhanced by the appearance of highlights and shadows.

Creating appetite appeal is tricky because if you create shadows that are too dense then part of the food will simply turn black. However, if the highlights are too light than the light spots will blow out and loose detail. The key is creating both highlights and shadows that both hold detail. When I light my food or cuisine shots I start off by creating soft flat even lighting. Then I use additional lights to enhance the photograph and to create the highlights and shadows.

This is a technique I learned from famous food stylist Norman Stewart many years ago.

Years ago when I was based in Los Angeles I worked with Norman and a food photographer, Since I had to opportunity to work with the best food and cuisine photographers I was able to hone my food photography skills.

If you are looking for a Miami Food photographer who has experience with photographing products and cuisine photography please give me a call. I'm an expert when it comes to photographing food that makes the viewer hungry.

Often when photographing food I work with a food stylist. A food stylist is an expert in working with the food so that it looks good once it's in front of the lens. While the stylist works with the food or cuisine it's to photographers job to do the lighting and select the best lens and angle to create the appetite appeal. In the past I have have shot most jobs using a food stylist. However, somethings I don't have to luxury of a stylist. In the cases where I'm photographing with no stylist I'll usually work with a chef and will add enhancements to the food using my little bag of food photography tricks.

Currently I'm based in Boynton Beach Florida, however I cover the entire South Florida area. If you are looking for a photographer in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, or in Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach County please give me a call at (561) 737-5561

In addition to Food photography, I also shoot product photography, and photography for public relation firms.

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