Custom swimming pool at a South Florida home.
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Custom swimming pool at a South Florida home.

Swimming pool in South Florida.

I shot this photo for Van Kirk pools in South Florida. Actually they created my Boynton Beach pool. When Van Kirk installed my pool they hired me to shoot some of their pools as well. This photo is from one of the South Florida swimming pools I photographed. As a photographer who also shoots real estate pictures I photograph a lot of pools as well. Photographing a swimming pool along with the home pictures is a big plus when it comes to home sales. As a photographer, I take to same care to photograph the pool as the entire home. To see some more of my real estate photography click here: South Florida Real Estate Photography

If you are selling your home and are taking pictures yourself, here are some tips that can help you photograph your pool.

First, take pictures of you pool at different times of the day. South Florida pools look completely different at different times. The direct sun with create shadows in and around your pool. These shadows will enhance some parts of a pool. Look at your pool from different angles in direct sun. Take some test shots and judge the results. As the sun moved across the sky and the angle changes the effect of the light on the water will create different looks. There is a special time that many professional photographers refer to as the golden hour. This is the hour before sunset. The sun is low in the sky and it's a great time to photography your South Florida pool. Once the sun sets, turn on the pool lights and you could capture some beautiful evening / night pool pictures.

Second, Because a tranquil pool has a reflective surface, you could take advantage of that double reflection. If there is a beautiful home by the pool, you should be able to capture the home in the pools reflection. This is a great way to convey the beauty of a home along with the pool. As a real estate photographer I do this all the time. The shinny surface of a still pool could also reflect a beautiful sunset, or a water view as well. If the home owner owns a boat, image the reflection of a boat in the pools water.

Third, Make sure you shoot from different heights. A low angle will have a completely different look than a high angle. It not unusual to find my laying on my stomach with my camera on the ground when photographing a South Florida swimming pool. If you own a drone, you could get a complete looking down photo as well.

Because a swimming pool is a great way to add value to real estate, it's important that the swimming pool looks great in photos. I have found that photographing swimming pools is fun and you can get very creative with swimming pool photography.

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