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A Corporate portrait taken in Miami, Florida

Looking for an experienced corporate Photographer in Miami?

I have been a professional photographer with extensive experience in all aspects of corporate and special event photography. After 15 years here in Miami I have learned a few things. I tried to keep this article helpful while also conveying my skills. What does corporate photography entail? Corporate photographers cover a wide range of different assignments. In many cases we are required to produce several different types of images in one job. A corporate assignment may include different projects such as, covering a special event, or photographing an Awards Dinner, maybe a Sales Meeting, Team Building photos, Headshots of attendees, I have even photographed products and produced food photography during an event. Often clients seeking a Corporate photographer in Miami are looking for photography during an entire conference or trade show. Working as a corporate photographer in Miami, I have also been hired to provide drone aerial photos and video to be used as advertising shots for future shows. Some commercial or special event clients may ask for finished pictures to be retouched and ready for a slide or video show which will be shown the morning after the previous day. As a South Florida based photographer I often work all around Southern Florida. Because some clients have multiple projects taking place in different towns I'm often asked to cover several different locations. My day of photography may consist of a Golf assignment in Palm Beach, then I'll travel to Boca Raton for a lunch meeting and a headshot session. Next I may be asked to leave the headshot session and travel to Miami to photograph an awards dinner and the party afterwards. In addition to photography we also provide videography as well. Providing video is a huge plus for us because clients can have to seam team working together. If our videographer needs a photo for a menu shot or an photo inserted into the edit we can work together to get this proper image. I have also been hired to take portraits during a cocktail hour, and have to portraits finished and framed in a matter of hours. This was the case with the photo in this article.

This corporate assignment required a photographer and production team in Miami.

I'm sure you recognize the guy in this photo. I actually had no idea who I would be photographing for this corporate assignment. All I know was I would be taking pictures with a VIP. The job was to photograph a select group of high level attendees with the VIP in the photo. The client was very quite about who would be arriving and they were equally careful about who got photographed. We have a check list that we had to manage and every shot was accounted for. Once the pictures were taken the attendees and the guest were ushered away for a very fancy dinner. During the dinner or job was to retouch each photo taken & add the company logo to each photo. Then we printed each photo and inserted each photo into a Tiffany silver frame. Each frame had to be wiped clean of finger prints before being put into a gift box and wrapped with fancy wrapping paper. The clock ticked away as myself and the production team did the Photoshop retouching, then the printing, framing and finally wrapping. I have to say the finished product looked amazing. I could only imagine the look of each attendees face when they unwrapped their frames.

What makes the best corporate and special event Photographer in Miami?

Being a successful corporate or special event photographer requires skills that go beyond taking great photos. Not only does your photographer needs to be a skilled image maker they also need to be reliable and realistic in regards to every aspect of the job. I'm located in the town of Boynton Beach, which is about 50 miles north of Miami. Traffic in South Florida could be unpredictable and accidents can occur on the Florida turnpike just as easily as route 95. I always head to Miami hours early and when I arrive in the Miami, or Miami Beach area of find something to keep my busy before the job. I also check my traffic apps to make sure there are no accidents on the way. Once on the job, I arrive with several cameras. I don't bring a camera and a back up camera. I prefer to bring two camera that get used equally during every job. If one camera breaks during an shoot the second camera is by my side and ready to shoot.

We travel all over South Florida for corporate and special event photography assignments.

We are based in Boynton Beach, Florida but we also work all over South Florida and even travel to other states for photography assignments. While I'm a Corporate Photographer in Miami I also work in The Florida Keys, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Jupiter. As a matter of fact we cover all of Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach Counties. I have also worked in New York City, Philadelphia, and man other cities.

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As I'm sure you could imagine, I have shot a wide range of corporate and special event pictures in my 15 years as a Miami photographer, If you would like to see more here are some links to some of my favorite pictures.

Astronaut Scott Kelly at the Boca Raton Resort. This assignment was awesome. I got to meet an astronaut who lived on the International Space Station for over a year. This job was for a large plastic manufacturing company. What does plastic have to do with the Space Station? According to Scott, everything is plastic, they eat out of plastic, store stuff in plastic because if conforms to the shape of the cargo area. He gave a great talk and I'm glad I got to photograph him.

Kool and the Gang. Ok this is not from a Miami Corporate event, it's actually from a Palm Beach Charity Event. Covering a charity event isn't that different, I had to shoot portraits, I shot a charity fundraiser auction and the speakers.

A fighter pilot's talk. This one was taken at a corporate sales meeting in Boca Raton. Pilot Dan Rooney gave an emotional and uplifting talk.

Questions to ask your special event photographer. I gave a ton of great useful information in this blog post.

Another very important aspect of corporate photography is photographing headshots. Often at a corporate event I'll be asked to take headshots of some of the corporate executives. It's a big benefit for a company to take many headshots at a time when all the important people are together. As a highly skilled photographer, I could created attractive headshots in almost any location. Sometimes I'll find a simple background and throw it out of focus as a way of preventing the background from becoming distracting. I can also bring my own background and stand. For more on headshots check out this article I wrote in corporate headshots. In this article I talk about casual headshots, business headshots, and even headshots for dating websites. Corporate and business headshots.

If you are an experienced marketing director, business owner or special event planner, there is no doubt that you understand the value of utilizing special event photography to promote your clients services & products. Most corporations participate in many different types of events each year. These events range from fundraisers, the sales events, team building and training meetings. Team building, trade shows, award dinners, holiday celebrations, galas, charity events, grand openings, and sales events all play a huge part of corporate growth and marketing. As a corporate and special event photographer, I can photograph and cover your South Florida special event for may different types of purposes. These include social media, company newsletters, corporate websites, annual reports and other marketing materials. In addition I'm skilled at taking corporate headshots as well as covering awards dinners.

If you would like to showcase your product, company or brand in the best possible way, reach out to us to capture your Miami special or corporate event We provide the highest quality professional photographs in a timely manor. Our creative images will convey your brand and corporate image in the best light possible. Long after your event is over the photos we have taken will provide you with the best images for use in all you marketing needs.

If you like what you see on my website then please check out my Instagram images. I try to update my gallery every day. My Instagram feed includes pictures from Corporate, Special Events, Weddings, Charity Events and other interesting images. The photos included were taken all over South Florida as well as around the world. Here is the link: My Instagram Pictures.

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