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Commercial photography in Boca Raton

Commercial Photography taken on assignment for Everglades University in Boca Raton.

If you are looking for a commercial photographer in Boca Raton Florida than consider the following facts. One, while there are many photographers in South Florida not too many have the experience to handle a wide range of various assignments. Two, being able to take pretty pictures does not mean that your potential photographer can handle your specific assignment. Three, In addition to the shooting aspect of photography, your commercial photographer should also be an expert in Photoshop and image enhancement. Four, Consider how long your photographer has been in business. New photographers enter the photography field every day. Photography schools are conveying that anyone can take some classes and start a Commercial photography business in Boca Raton or any place in South Florida.

Why should you hire Jeff Kolodny (Me)? One, Two, Three, Four, answered below.

One, I have been taking photographs since I was 13 years old. As the son of a talented amateur photographer and a heart surgeon I learned photography first from my father. Because my family felt that education was most important I started learning photography in school at an early age. In high school I spent many hours in the school darkroom and also my home darkroom. Our family would sometimes have photography night where are would project vacation and creative photos on a large screen. We would spend time analyzing each photo to determine what made a photo visually appealing. After high school I attended Adelphi University as a communications / photography major. By the time I graduated I was working on movies and shooting small commercial assignments. Wanting to work in the Film and TV industry I moved to Southern California to pursue work as a photographer. To make a long make a very long story short, I bounced around in LA. First I became a top notch photo printer eventually working at one of the most prestigious photo labs in the country. At the time the company was called color house. Today it's Color Edge. At Color House, I got to work on some very unique projects for some very well known companies such as, Disney, Universal Studios, NASA, Rockwell International, MGM and many high end fashion companies. I was also assigned to work restoring a collection of original Marlyn Monroe photo that were taken by Andre Diaz who was one of her first photographers and who photographed her until her death. Why does this matter? It matters because as a photo restoration artist and a commercial printer it was mandatory that I know what a goop photo should look like. At one point during my employee review I was offered a management position. At this point I was already starting to build my own client base and I know that taking this position would mean I would have to give up being a photographer and become a company man. So at that point I decided to terminate my employment and try to make it 100% on my own. Over the next few years I honed my skills in Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography, Food Photography and Product Photography. Anything that needed to be photographed I was on it. I also became a arson photographer for the Los Angeles Fire Department. So to answer point one, I'm experienced at shooting a wide range of different assignment types. The photo in this article was taken in Boca Raton while on Commercial assignment for Everglades University. For this commercial photo assignment I was required to shoot this building shot as well as Teachers in the classroom, Students on Campus, Drone shots of the buildings, and many other types of photography types. My having experience in all these different photography types I was able to cover the clients complete photography needs.

Two, When you hire a photographer in Boca Raton, it's important to consider not only the skill of the photographer, but also how the experience the photographer comes into play when it comes to completing assignments, it's important to be skilled at planning out what is required in advance of the project, this way your photographer can give realistic information regarding considerations such as, time needed, cost of extras, retouching requirements, and possibly rental gear that may be needed. Over my years photographing commercial projects I have made many mistakes which required me to back-track and find work arounds in order to complete projects. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I myself have made some bad decisions and over estimated my skills when starting out as a commercial photographer. Anyone who says that they have never made a bad decision is or not planned correctly is lying. The question is, do you want to hire a photographer who already made their mistakes or a new photographer who may make amateur mistakes on your project. Given the years I have spent working on many intense commercial projects combined with the wide range of assignment types I believe I'm you best choice when it comes to selecting a professional for photography in Boca Raton.

Three, Sometimes what a client wants to convey in a photography assignment is not possible out of the camera. This is when Photoshop skills come into play. Over the years I have produced images in which the product didn't fit into a certain space, or an object had to be removed from a photo. Often a camera can't reproduce a color properly and the color needs to be adjusted after the photo is taken. If people are involved in a photo then face retouching may be required. In addition to face retouch, body parts may need to be tweaked or adjusted. When Adobe Photoshop was introduced in 1988 I was working at Color House, and of course being employed at Color House, I started learning computer based photo retouching right at the start. Today, If you can imagine it, I can create it using Photoshop and other enhancement tools.

Four, being a photographer in business requires more than just having photography and photoshop skills. Over the years I have worked with several very talented photographers who produced amazing images or have had exceptional photoshop skills. The only problem is that some of these super talented people couldn't arrive at the job on time, or at all for that matter. Some have made careless stupid mistakes such as running out of gas on the way to the assignment or have forgotten the Id and not been able to get into the Id required location. Being in business required you photographer to also think like a business person. This means having a emergency plan if something goes wrong. If you have looked through my gallery I'm sure you have noticed that in addition to Boca Raton commercial assignments I also photograph weddings. While weddings and commercial photography are not the same discipline shooting weddings requires you photographer to be able to plan correctly and have emergency plans in mind if something goes wrong. Someone who hired a photographer for their wedding expects their photographer to arrive on time and ready to work. If a camera breaks they need to have a back-up standing by. If you visit my Wedding Wire Review Page you will see that I have many many happy clients. While these reviews are not from commercial clients they clearly convey that I'm a dependable, talented choice when it comes to choosing someone for photography in Boca Raton.

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