Ella and Her Father's (Father Daughter Dance)
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Ella and Her Father's (Father Daughter Dance)

Bride and her father photo taken during their wedding dance. This special moment was captured at the Polo Club in Boca Raton FL

It's always great when I get the photograph the perfect moment at a wedding. This photo was taken during the parent dance between the bride and her father. Often the bride is either taller than her father and her head is over his shoulder or her head is buried into his chest in such as way that you can't see her face. Often she may be crying and covering her face with her hand. Everything worked out perfectly for this wedding shot. The bride was not too tall and her head placement worked in such a way as to allow me to get both faces. Given the special moment of this shot I did not not to step in and interfere with the moment between father and daughter. I believe as a wedding photographer it's important to decide when you need to get your subjects attention and when you should photograph the moment as it happens. In this case I was able to pick my position based on the best lighting and just wait until the subjects gave me my shot. I almost always get the photo of both parents looking at the camera as well. However, in this case I decided to wait until the song was over before getting their attention.

I just love being at weddings and capturing all the emotions that take place during the entire day. Being a wedding photographer also means you have to be skilled in all areas of photography, Often at a wedding I'll find myself shooting small detail shots, other times I'm doing fine portraits, then I'm moving on the shooting photo-journalism. It's an exercise in developing all types of photographic skills.

Over my career as a photographer I have worked in many different disciplines. I worked as a product photographer, a investigative photographer for the LA Times, a arson photographer for the LA Fire Dept, all these different assignments have made me the highly skilled photographer I am today. If you are planning a wedding in South Florida and would like more information I would love to talk. Feel free to call me at (561) 737-5561

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