Couple portrait taken in Palm Beach County
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Couple portrait taken in Palm Beach County

If you have been searching for a Palm Beach County photographer look no further.

As a award winning photographer I have years of experience photographing portraits, engagement sessions, weddings, and family pictures. If you are planning a family gathering, a party, or any type of special event call me at (561) 737-5561. I have been photographing in the Palm Beach County area for over 15 years. Often people will call me for photography and to help them with finding the perfect location as well. After all those years of taking pictures I've become familiar with the most picturesque places around. This portrait was taken at the beautiful Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach. There is no question that this is a fantastic place for pictures. In the past I have photographed weddings, elopements, engagement photo sessions, and family portraits at this wonderful location. If you are in South Florida and looking for a photographer and some great location suggestions call me and I'll be happy to guide you. Here are some links to other portrait sessions I have taken in Palm Beach County. Kids pictures taken at a Palm Beach County Portrait session. This picture was taken for a family who has hired me year after year. My relationship with this family started with the parents wedding many years ago. That wedding turned into maternity pictures, baby pictures, several family portraits sessions, and now an upcoming Bat Mitzvah photo session. You can read about my family portraits sessions here: Family portraits sessions in Palm Beach County. As a photographer, I'm a big fan of shooting backlit portraits. The Morikami satisfies my desire for shoot with back lighting because there is always great scenery in every direction. In addition, because the Morikami is located more inland the you do not have the heave wind that you would have when shooting at the beach. In addition, there are many people who don't want beach pictures. They happen to live here in South Florida and the beach is nothing unique to them.

About this beautiful couple portrait which was taken at the Morikami Museum in Palm Beach County

Family portraits are very popular here in South Florida. Most of the calls I receive are from people who live out of state and are visiting the area. During their stay they decide that their vacation is a great time to have a family portrait taken. Actually they are correct. During a family vacation is the perfect time to have a family portrait taken. Because Palm Beach county is loaded with some of the most beautiful hotels in the area I find myself shooting family pictures all around Palm Beach County. This area includes, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach and more. This couple found me as a result of a wedding I photographed years earlier. In usual fashion, I first photograph the wedding, then the maternity pictures, followed by baby pictures and family portraits. If they are jewish, the Bat and Bar Mitzvah comes next.

For their photo session they choose the beautiful Morikami as a photo session location. The Morikami is a Japanese Garden that features a lake in the center with a walking path that runs all around the lake. During a family portrait shoot I find that I usually don't take the walk around the lake. However, during an engagement shoot I usually do make the walk around. While walking around the lake at the Morikami your are treated be some fantastic picturesque sites. Here are links to some of my favorite pictures taken at The Morikami.

This picture was taken during an enagagment session at the Morikami. Notice the beautiful backlighting in this picture. As a photographer I love shooting backlit people pictures. The Morikami satisfies this need because there is beautiful scenery in all directions. In addition, because the Morikami is located more inland, away from the beach, wind is less of a factor. Many of the people I photograph live in South Florida full time, for those people, the beach is no big deal. Engagement portrait taken at The Morikami and Delray Beach Check out this picture, also taken at The Morikami. Scenic engagement picture taken at The Morikami Japanese Garden. In addition to the Japanese styled scenery at the Morikami, there is also a range of tropical lush scenery. Once you venture out of the museum you enter the large patio that leads to the lake. Along the side of the patio is this tree which provided a great place to this scenic. Check out these pictures taken at a Morikami engagement session in the rain!

Recently engaged couple kissing at The Morikami

Unexpected rain during a Morikami Engagement session

Hiding from the Rain during a Morikami Engagement session

You have got to hand it to the wonderful South Florida weather! This engagement shoot was scheduled for 3:00PM on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. At 2:00PM the sun was shining and some clouds started to appear. When I arrived at the Morikami at 2:45PM those lovely clouds started looking more like storm clouds. When the couple arrived we did our best to head outside to start our photo session. By 3:05PM it was down pouring and it would not stop. Coming from a wedding photography background I know only too well that sometimes you must shoot in conditions that are not always the best. So we used some overhangs, umbrellas, and made the best of it.

By the way, this couple also had some rain at their wedding. Talk about luck, however even with the rain their pictures looked amazing.

In normal engagement, wedding, and after fashion, I also shot their maternity pictures. Here is a sample. Baby coming soon!

Why should you hire me for your Palm Beach County portrait session?

If you are looking for the best photographer in South Florida then I believe I should safely tell you. You found him. Ever since I was 13 I have been taking pictures. My formal photography education started in high school with the school yearbook and as a black and white printer. Then in college I majored in communications where I learned photography, film production, video. By the time I graduated from Adelphi University I was shooting portraits, models and working on movies. Then in 1986 I moved to Los Angeles because that is where the best photographers in the world live. Once in LA, I learned from the best names in photography. I got involved in wedding photography and commercial photography and all types of other photography projects. Needless to say, my skills as a photographer, are vast and I have more professional experience then any photographer you will meet in South Florida. In addition I'm an experienced photo retoucher. If a picture needs skin retouching, I could do that in a way that looks natural. Tummy tuck, sure, I got that covered. Whiten and fix teeth, ok. Add hair, sure. My retouching will make you look great, but you will still look like yourself.

What other types of photography do I cover?

In addition to portraits in Palm Beach County, I also shoot Weddings, Commercial Events, Headshots, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs, and food photography around all other types of photo assignments.

Location: 4000 Morikami Park Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33446.