Ocean Cave on the Adriatic sea. Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Ocean Cave on the Adriatic sea. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia - travel photo.

I shot this photo while kayaking in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is located in on the Adriatic Sea. I shot this with a Fuji X100s. I kayaked into the cave with my x100s inside a waterproof case.

When I shoot my travel photographs I always try to get the highest quality photos possible. One way I am able to deliver higher quality is by shooting at a very low iso. Shooting at a low iso results in a photo with less grain and more saturated colors.

To get the perspective of the cave I had to climb a small staircase and lean over the ledge. I waited until a single kayak was in the perfect position to add interest to the shot. I felt that the green blue color of the ocean played well this the contrasting color of the red and yellow kayak.

Fuji makes an attachment for it's attached X100s lens. It's the wide angle screw on lens. This lens fits over the camera's built on lens.

This attachment gives you a wider field of view which is helpful when shooting scenics.

This photo was originally taken in the camera raw format. After I returned to my home in Boynton Beach I processed all the images from my trip in Adobe Lightroom. I then removed some of the distracting elements such as backpacks and water bottles from the sand. I used to clone tool to remove the unwanted items. I hope you enjoy this photos.

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia..

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