Maderia, Portugal. Photo taken our a moving bus window!
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Maderia, Portugal. Photo taken our a moving bus window!

This picture from in Maderia, Portugal was taken from the window of a moving bus. While on a travel vacation it's very common that you only get to see the scenery from a moving vehicle. I have taken so many bus tours where I looked out the window and saw the most amazing scenery. As a professional photographer, it's impossible for me to look around at beautiful scenery and create a photograph in my mind. I swear I have a light meter built into my brain. I look at a scene and think, F-11 at 1/125 will get me a good exposure. Knowing that I would be shooting from a bus I prepared for this situation. First I determined where I would be sitting. Then I tried my best to quickly clean the outside of the window. Then when I took my seat I cleaned my window. As the bus was moving I placed the lens flat against the window. I shot this with a Fuji X100 which has a 23mm lens built into the camera body. After a few moving shutter speed tests I decided at 1/2000th would be a fast enough shutter speed to freeze bus movement. Putting a camera up against a bus window is a little scary because I certainly don't want to responsible for a cracked bus window. However the Fuji X-100 is a small rangefinder camera that is very light. The 23mm lens is wide angle with is perfect to this saturation because It is wide enough to capture a wider field of view. The photos in this gallery is cropped to a square format. This travel vacation was arranged by Boca Express Travel.

Location: Maderia, Portugal.

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