Beach along the Great Ocean Road, Australia
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Beach along the Great Ocean Road, Australia

I shot this beautiful beach scenery with visiting South - East Australia. The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. It runs between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford. If you happen to visit Eastern Australia than this road trip is a must. Along the road are many different sights and the most amazing landscapes. The ocean along this drive is nothing short of fantastic. Along the drive you will pass the famous Twelve Apostles which is a collection of limestone stacks that rise out of the ocean. Do a search of the 12 Apostles, there must be thousands of pictures online. This picture of this secluded beach is just a few miles away.

This is a really old picture taken during my film days. I shot this using a 35mm Nikon N90 The film I shot this on was the famous Kodachrome 25. Many years ago Kodachrome was considered the finest slide film on the market. Processing of this film was very complex, This film was discontinued in 2011. It's very sad that this historic film has been discontinued.

Location: Great Ocean Road, Australia..

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