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Opal Grand Wedding

Delray Beach Wedding Photo of bride and groom having fun!

This fun wedding photo was taken at the Opal Grand during the bride and grooms photo session. Working at the Delray Beach Marriott is always a pleasure because this wedding venue has so many great places to take photos. If you are engaged and looking for a beautiful South Florida Wedding Venue, then I would suggest visiting the Opal Grand. Located in Delray Beach this venue sits directly across the street from the beach. However, this hotel has much more to offer than just beach photos. This hotel has an abundance of pillars and landscaping, as well as some beautiful indoor scenic places which are perfect for wedding photography.

As a South Florida based wedding photographer, I realize that there are many talented photographers in the area. Because of this I'm always looking for opportunities to create unique fun photos. With that said, the bride and groom have to have the right attitude along with the willingness the push the limits of wedding photography. Working with different couples it's important to determine what type of photos a couple is most interested in taking. Some brides would never consider doing poses or action photos that may cause a wedding gown to get soiled. Other brides and grooms are interested in getting the best photos possible regardless of the bridal gown getting soiled.

The couple specifically wanted Fun, Unique, Light Hearted photos. During our bride and groom photo session we made sure we took pictures in as many parts of the Delray Beach Marriott as possible. This meant plenty of time was set aside for bride and groom pictures when we created the wedding photography timeline. While we were taking pictures in the front walkway of the venue, we noticed the luggage carts and decided to have some fun and take a few action shots. If course we did this after the ceremony because we didn't want the brides gown to get messed up before the ceremony. This is one of my favorite Delray Beach Marriott wedding pictures.

Since I work at the Opal Grand in Delray Beach so often, I have a huge collection of photos from this hotel. If you are planning your wedding here and would like to see more photos from this venue, please call me at (561) 737-5561. However, to make your experience visiting my website more productive here is a link to other photos taken at the Opal Grand.

Instagram photo taken at The Opal Grand

I love this picture taken on the beach at The Opal Grand

Here is a couple picture taken at The Opal Grand. I shot this couples wedding 8 years ago and have been doing their family pictures ever since!

As a South Florida photographer I shoot a lot of weddings. Here is a wedding picture taken at The Opal Grand

Reasons why you should choose to get married in Delray Beach.

Aside from having a beautiful wedding venue like the Delray Beach Marriott, there are other awesome reasons to choose Delray Beach for your wedding location. First, yes, you have an amazing stretch of beach directly across the street from the hotel. However, in addition to laying on the beach, you also have a huge amount of dining options along Atlantic ave, Just outside the hotel door you can choose between casual dining, and fine dining, wine bars, and pizza shops. If you are hungry for it, you can most likely find it in Delray Beach.

In addition to filling your stomach with fine food, Delray Beach also have a wild nightlife. In the evening the min drag (Atlantic Ave) becomes a hot spot for music, and bar hopping. No car is needed either, Delray Beach offers a free tram that cruises up and down Atlantic Ave, an easy safe way to get your self back to the hotel after a night of partying.

Not into the wild night life? Delray beach also offers a wide range of fine art galleries and shopping as well.

With all this to offer and a fantastic hotel on the beach I would say a Delray Beach Marriott Wedding is a very good idea.

Why should you hire Jeff Kolodny as your photographer?

First, I love what I do. Ever since I was 13 years old I had a camera in my hand. When I was 13 my family went on a cruise on board a Russian cruise ship called the MV Odessa. Kids were not allowed in the casino. However, there I was, and I had a quarter. The next thing I knew was I hit 777 and won $100.00. This started my first camera purchase. After that I took pictures of everything. Years later, I became a film photography major at Adelphi University where I expanded my photography skills. After receiving my BA from Adelphi, I moved to Los Angeles where I learned photography from some of the most famous photographers in the world. Over the years I have produced photography for many major companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, The Los Angeles Times, Playboy, Redkin, Dermalogica and many more. My work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, and several other fashion magazines.

Over the past 15 years I have worked at the Delray Beach Marriott many many times, I know every inch of this hotel. If you would like to see a collection of photos from this hotel call me at (954) 560-1533 I would Love to talk with you!


Location: 10 N Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

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