Kiss in the rain at a South Florida jewish wedding.
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Kiss in the rain at a South Florida jewish wedding.

A romantic kiss in the rain at a South Florida Jewish wedding

There are so many reasons why I love photographing Jewish weddings. Maybe it has something to do with me being Jewish? Although, I'm not very religious, I'm proud of my heritage and I certainly enjoy the holidays. I also love the taste of lox and bagels, gefilte fish with red horseradish and doesn't everyone love matzoh ball soup? When it comes to wedding photography, I must admit, photographing Jewish weddings in South Florida happens to check all of my photography boxes. Don't get me wrong, I love shooting all weddings for different reasons. I'm very comfortable photographing a Catholic full mass wedding ceremony. I'm very respectful when it comes to being discreet and taking my pictures from a distance with no flash if needed. At a Catholic wedding I know all the events and the meaning behind each tradition. I also, Love, Love Love photographing Indian weddings. (I love Indian food as well!) The vibrant colors of an Indian brides saree gives me a great reason to be inspired as a wedding photographer. When I was based in Los Angeles I shot many Armenian weddings and had a following with in the Armenian community. I've shot Korean arraigned weddings, Mormon weddings, Japanese tea ceremonies and many many others that I'm forgetting to mention.

Jewish weddings, Jewish Orthodox weddings or Jewish Modern Orthodox weddings in South Florida.

While Jewish weddings, Jewish Orthodox weddings or Modern Jewish Orthodox wedding all have similar elements there are also many differences. I have been photographing weddings for over twenty years and I have found that some of these weddings blend different traditions together. I have photographed Jewish reformed weddings in which some of the traditions from a Jewish Orthodox have been mixed in. In addition every Rabbi is unique. I have heard the breaking of the glass explained many different ways and for lot's of different reasons. The same goes for the ketubah signing. Photographing Jewish Orthodox weddings are a completely different experience for a photographer when compared to the Reformed Jewish wedding or a Conservative Jewish wedding. Orthodox weddings are much more involved and most of the time you need two photographers because the women and men are separated at times. Many of the Orthodox traditions that take place are in different rooms. Reformed Jewish weddings are more laid back. However, as a photographer it's important to talk with the rabbi or the bride and groom to learn what traditions will take place during the ceremony and at the reception. Some jewish wedding receptions include a Mizinka dance, which is a dance done for a set of parents when they marry off their last child. Of course there is a Hora and some Jewish wedding receptions end with a benching or Birkat Hamazon ceremony. As a photographer it's important to ask about these events.

South Florida Jewish wedding pictures in the rain.

The picture in this article took place as a Jewish wedding that had some orthodox elements added in. The brides gown featured longer sleeves and the ceremony and reception included some orthodox traditions. The golf club where this wedding took place was located in Broward County and was a really beautiful place. Just outside the ballroom was a beautiful patio which had a view of a lake and a wooden bridge. The oak trees in the background were just spectacular looking. They say it's good luck if it rains on a bride and grooms wedding day. However, even with the rain we were intent on taking pictures outdoors. So after the reception ended we marched outside for some bride and groom pictures. Not every wedding couple is interested in taking pictures out in the rain, however this couple was ok with the adventure. By the way my professional cameras are water resistant. Pro camera are often designed to operate under the most grueling conditions so a bit of water won't hurt them.

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