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Engagement shoot in Jupiter Florida

Photo from an engagement photo shoot in Jupiter Florida,

As a wedding photographer in South Florida I often get asked if a engagement shoot is worth doing. There is no question that doing an engagement photo shoot is worth while. By doing an engagement shoot a future bride and groom will get to work with their photographer and judge the results before the wedding. Often when shopping for a wedding photographer in South Florida or anyplace in the county for that matter, future couples will see lots of awesome photos. The problem is that today there are so many photographers shooting lots of pictures. An inexperienced photographer can always set their camera to auto and simply by luck get some very nice photos. This is especially true if the couple being photographed is photogenic and comfortable in-front for the camera.

However, once the inexperienced photographer is faced with difficult lighting or a couple that is not comfortable being photographed photographed the photographers limitations appear. If a photographer attends a handful of wedding and photographs a few friends then there is should be no problem getting enough photos to make a website. When you combine a few nice photos with a bubbly personality you could start to convey that you are a skilled wedding photographer. However, this does not prove the skill set of the photographer. All that this may show is a few nice photos and a good sales attitude.

By doing an engagement photo-shoot a recently engaged couple can see for themselves whether or not their photographer has the required skills to make a happy client.

For this Jupiter Engagement shoot I looked for a place where I could put the couple where I would have good lighting and a place to pose the couple where there would be a clean background behind them. It took a little bit of moving the couple around to position them in the perfect spot. Notice how the couple is placed in an area where there is just building behind their heads. I also felt that the large tree would work well for a foreground image.

In addition the backlighting created a beautiful hair light which helped separate the couple from the background and created drama. I also shot this in black and white and infrared. I shot the same image closer up and had them look at the camera as well. By making these changes to a single photograph a wedding or engagement photographer can turn a single pose into a hand full of different poses and looks. Being able to photograph a engaged couple with ease takes years of experience and years of learning posing. It's not just a matter of knowing some poses, Its also understanding lighting and knowing how to turn a single pose into several different looks and poses.

Only by actually doing a photo-shoot with you photographer can engaged wedding couple learn what it is like to work with a certain photographer and view the results.

If you are recently engaged and planning a South Florida Wedding or is you are in South Florida and interested in doing an engagement shoot we would love to talk with you. As a South Florida Wedding Photographer I have photographed in all of South Florida's beautiful locations. I'm very familiar photographing in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, The Florida Keys, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Jupiter.

Call me an let me show you just how much fun you can have doing you engagement photos!

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