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Palm Beach Photographer shoots fine cuisine at The Breakers.

Working as a South Florida photographer gives me the opportunity to photograph a wide range of items and people. One of the most exciting aspects of being a Palm Beach photographer is the variety of different types of photos I get to take. In the past years I have photographed everything from Weddings, to Portraits, to Special Events. However, I find food or cuisine photography the most fun. Photographing food requires a unique set of skills which includes product photography combined with specialized lighting. It's important to make sure that the lighting for food photography covers the entire item while also conveying what is often referred to as appetite appeal.

Appetite appeal is a lighting concept that causes people to get hungry when looking at photos of food. The idea is that the light rolls over the food creating highlights and shadows that create contrast. This contrast, combined with color and some soft fill lighting is what makes people hungry. You may be thinking, Appetite Appeal? You just made this term up. Seriously this is a real photographic term.

Appetite appeal is based on two different photographic aspects, one is based on science and the other is art based.

The science part is based on our survival instinct We need food to survive. Because of our need for food, our brains are equipped with senses that are tied to our vision this triggers our our cravings and desire for food, it's the visual contrast that helps to stimulate the part of the brain which created chemicals called neurotransmitters once this happens we get hungry. The photographic science part comes into play and is triggered when the photographer lights the food to create specular highlights against soft fill light.

The other part of the equation is the artistic part. When a photographer creates a photo that is artistic the viewers creative brain is stimulated by the combination of colors and image design. The science of getting hungry is created by both the science and art. Looking at a visually beautiful image triggers the emotional aspect of eating. People get emotionally visually stimulated with their eyes and imagination, before we actually taste anything.

So you see, food photography is much more than just taking a photo of something to eat. The really great Palm Beach photographers who shoot food are skilled at creating appetite appeal.

For this photo I was hired by The Breakers Palm Beach to photograph as selection of their wedding cuisine. I must have photographed 20 or 30 weddings at The Breakers, so I've very familiar with the hotel and the surround grounds. When photographing weddings I always try to get photos of every aspect of the wedding. I used to work for a photographer who told me, if the bride and groom paid for it, or even thought about it, you need to photograph it. This includes the flowers, the linens, the jewelry and the food. At some point someone at The Breakers saw my wedding food photography and said, this guy can shoot weddings and food. This led to me being set up in the Breakers Circle Room with my camera, lighting and the Breakers chef.

If you are looking for a food or cuisine photographer or if you are recently engaged and looking for a photographer, I would love to talk with you. My number is (561) 737-5561


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