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There are many photographers who specialize in food photography and under the right conditions they get great photos. There is no question that making food look great is a difficult skill to master. Most South Florida food or Cuisine photographers photograph their food in a studio or in a restaurant under very controlled conditions. However, what about making food look great when your photographer only has one minute to get the shot. Or what about when your photographer needs to cruise through lots and lots of food and food items. Isn't there a saying? Time is money. Sometimes clients have a big budget and are willing to spend for not only the photographer but also the food stylist. Don't get me wrong, a good talented food stylist is money very well spent. It's just that, sometimes there is no budget for a stylist or there is no time for a stylist. In this case you photographer needs to work fast and still make the food look delicious.

Photographing food quickly in Miami.

Believe it or not, this shot of a baked pear was taken at a wedding and I only had one minute to get this shot. While I was formally trained in food photography I also happen to be a very well known South Florida wedding photographer. You see there was a time when I didn't have the skills to earn a good living by doing just one type of photography. I had to diversify or I just would not be able to pay the bills. Sure, I'm great shooting food in a studio or in a restaurant when I have lot's of time. However, I can also shoot great food shots when time is limited. Over the years I have developed the photography skills to crank out a great food shot when under pressure. What about combining food with people? This is when having the skills to photograph people comes in handy. Lighting for a person is totally different than photographing food. When photographing a person, especially a female, it's important to make sure that the lighting is soft so that lines and wrinkles don't appear. However, soft flat lighting on food just makes to food look boring. Lighting for the texture of the food the food look more tasty.

Even though I'm not just a Florida food photographer I'm skilled at shooting food as well. This food photo was taken in about one minute during a busy wedding. When a photographer who is skilled at shooting food arrives at a wedding the cuisine cater is in for a treat because the photographer could deliver awesome food shots in addition to the bride and grooms wedding pictures.

During a food shoot in a studio the photographer gets to use studio lights, reflectors, soft boxes, and often spotlights. However in the middle of a wedding I find myself using unique photographic tools such as, my iPhone light, a while plate, some extra candles to cast a warm glow. I have even used small pieces of used foil to create lighting with highlights. If I can create food shots that make you hungry at a wedding just imagine what I could do in a studio.

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