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If you love great food and are also planning a Palm Beach Wedding then I urge you to visit the Breakers. Not only can you have an awesome wedding at the Breakers, your taste buds will also be treated to a very tasty experience. In addition to photographing weddings I'm also an experienced food photographer. Photographing a wedding at the Breakers allows me the luxury of using both my wedding photography skills and my food photography skills. Normally when I write about Breakers weddings, I'm showing beautiful bride and groom photos combined with awesome scenery.

This photo of a strawberry shortcake dessert was taken at a Breakers wedding reception. During the cake cutting the bride and groom also have several unique dessert plates put of at each table. As you could imagine this was one of the tasty treats that was a huge hit. If you have a sweet tooth then trying the desserts and wedding cake at the Breakers is a must. When they put this tasty treat on the tables my need to photograph food took over and I felt that I should spend some time working to convey this dish.

One of the reasons why I love photographing weddings has to do with the wide range of skills required to photography wedding perfectly. As a South Florida wedding photographer I find myself shooting in all types of different conditions. One weekend I'm shooting a casual beach wedding or elopement and the next weekend I'm shooting a high end luxury wedding at a beautiful place like The Breakers. In addition to working at different locations I also find that wedding photography requires many different skill sets. Photographing a wedding be it in Palm Beach, Broward County or Miami means that you are going from a portrait photographer to a wedding photo-journalist, to a still life photographer and in the case of this photo, a food photographer.

Whenever I shoot food, my first intent is to make the viewer hungry. This is achieved by creating what is know as appetite appeal. The visual impact of showing food texture using lighting that creates highlights and shadows is what triggers the hunger response. I know that this may sound a bit crazy but it's true that the proper lighting in food photographer will make someone hungry.

If you happen to be a chef or a restaurant owner and are looking for someone who is experienced in photographing food that actually makes people want to eat your offerings call me. In addition to being a South Florida wedding photographer, I'm also a great food photographer.

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