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In the world of photography there are many different types of lensman, cameramen or camerawoman available. Some are highly skilled at creating perfect images. By perfect I mean, perfect exposures, the perfect F-Stop, perfect focus. If you are a technical person you can master the skills needed to create a well exposed, sharp focused image. Understanding the technical side of photography is very important because it you can imagine a photo in your mind, but can't produce the image because you don't know how, that is a problem that will lead to failure as a photographer. Today, the line between being technically correct and being an artist is blurred by a potential client, or in the case of wedding photography, blurred by a bride and groom. Some photographers have amazing websites filled with emotional images that show special moments or funny moments or artsy images. The question is, can that same photographer produce the image again if they were not so lucky? Is it a lucky shot or is it, creativity combined with technical ability? By looking at a single wedding image it may be difficult to answer this question.

Technical ability without a creative eye.

If you read about me or my career then you may know that I have been a photographer for a long time. You may also know that there was a time when I had a little innate creativity and not too great technical ability. Given my lack of abundance in both, it's no surprise that I couldn't get a job as a photographer. It was this lack of skill that put me in the unique position to learn the technical side of photography. Because I couldn't get a job as a photographer, I ended up getting a job doing the next best thing. Photo lab tech. When I started working in the photo lab I knew nothing. Ok- I knew how to print and process black and white, I knew something about F-Stops, shutter speeds and I had a BA degree. Once I had to earn a living, it became painfully apparent, I had a lot to learn. Over the next 5 years I honed my photography and photo lab skills. This came in the form of working in the lab, 60 hours per week, then working for a wedding photographer every weekend for free. When I was not working for a wedding photographer or in the lab I was shooting my own stuff. Shooting my own stuff took the form of photographing a model who needed a portfolio or setting up a product shot that I thought would be cool. Every extra penny I made went into new cameras or lighting gear. In addition money I didn't have also went into new gear, thanks Visa. In the lab, I became proficient in the understanding of exposure, and color balance and printing. I learned how to judge a photo and determine if it was correct. This meant, if something was white, it was white in the photo, if something was black, it looked black with detail. I know what sharpness meant and how to test for sharpness but looking at film grain. Then, over time I became a skilled technical photographer. I also became a reliable wedding and event photographer. By writing reliable, I'm referring to my ability to show up, take photos that were in focus, perfectly exposed with acceptable posing. Really that was about it. Given my great technical ability I was able to get photography jobs that required a technical photographer. Photography assignments such as product photography, documenting events, photographing fine artwork became my side hustle. I also became a photographer for the Los Angeles fire department, arson department. Because of my skills I was able to produce, sharp, perfectly exposed, perfectly lit images. These type of images were perfect for legal trial photos, they worked great when reproducing a piece of artwork, or showing a product perfectly. However, shooting artsy looking images, not so much. However, my years spend on the technical side of photography helped me build relationships with the top brass at Kodak, Fuji, and other more creative photo labs. Because of my relationships with these top industry people I got invited to spend some time with many superstars of the photography world. I got to learn from the most creative talent on earth. Names such as Gary Bernstein Herb Ritz Annie Leibovitz became my teachers. In addition my technical printing skills landed me a job at ColorEdge (It was not ColorEdge at that time it was actually Color House.). At Color House I got to work on photography projects from the most creative and artistic photographers on the planet. I guess I could say, I got lucky because my early ambition and need to make money put me on the road to learn both the technical side of photography as well as the artistic side of photography.

Creativity at a South Florida wedding.

The wedding photo in this article was taken at a Miami wedding reception. The bride and groom hired a cigar roller to provide cigars and entertain the guests with his rolling ability. Cigar rollers always provide a good source of entertainment and fun at a wedding or special event. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I take a wide range of photographs. These images range from portraits, to photo-journalistic images and beauty photographs. I also take flower decor photos are of course, wedding ring photos. Being a creative South Florida wedding photographer requires having the ability to think outside the box and think up unique images. This means taking your time, looking at the environment, thinking about the potential props that may be available to assist in the art of making an photo that is artsy and interesting. In this case I had the idea of using the cigar rollers cigars to good use. Since the cigars were being made custom I was able to have him make cigars that fit the wedding rings perfectly. I also shot the rings other ways as well. To see some more of my really cool and creative wedding ring shots below are a few links to check out.

A simple but artsy wedding ring photo.

The temperature in Miami

A unique wedding ring photo

Creative wedding ring photo taken in Miami

Wedding Rings on Fire

If you clicked through to the images you can see I take lot's of wedding ring photos. I hope you like them. If you are engaged and planning a wedding in South Florida please feel free to e-mail or give me at call at (561) 737-5561. I work all over Florida, so if you are planning a wedding in the Florida Keys, Miami, Dade County, Coral Gables, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray Beach or Palm Beach I would love to chat.


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