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If you are looking for a Boca Raton family photographer who is fun, creative and who is going to deliver beautiful images, look no further!

This is one of my favorite pictures from a recent family photo shoot at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. As a photographer in South Florida, it's awesome when I get to photograph a wedding, that years later turns into a wonderful family photo session. I photographed the parent's wedding when I first moved to South Florida years ago. Now that I'm photographing the children of the bride and groom, along with other relatives I'm just thrilled. This picture is just one of many from a complete family photo session. During this portrait session, I photographed each child alone, all the kids together, each family and of course the parents together. Whenever, I take family pictures I make sure I capture nice posed pictures, fun playful pictures, and some artsy portraits as well. I deliver my finished pictures in Color, Black and White, and Sepia. My goal is to deliver a wide range of creative images. In addition to photographing kids, parents, and complete families, I also shoot maternity pictures. Check out this one taken in Black and White at The Bonnet house in Broward County Bonnet House Maternity Picture For this family fun kids portrait, I had fun with the kids by asking them to run away from me, then run back to me. I shot fun pictures while lying on the ground, standing on a brick wall, to get a high angle. I have found that when you show the person being photographed that you are willing to push the limit to get awesome pictures, they tend to join in as a team. These kids were very happy to play along. In addition, I think the parents found the entire thing entertaining as well.

Working as a Boca Raton family photographer, I have learned a few things about taking pictures of families. So in order to make this content more helpful, below are some tips to getting great family photos. These are tips I use in all of my photo sessions and if you are the parents on vacation with your kids, you could use these tips as well. First, have fun. Rather than trying to pose, and get the little one to behave for the camera, break up the photos into several different elements. Pictures of people taken as candid situations such as playing, walking, dancing, running, posing on a wall, hiding behind things and poking their heads out from the sides, hugs, and back to back poses, all work well when it comes to getting great shots. Next, don't have anyone look toward the sun. depending on the position of the sun, you should use the sun as a hair light. If the sun is too low and the light from the sun washes out the image, than you will have to use the sun as more of a side light. Whenever, I start shooting, the first thing ai ask myself as a professional photographer is, Where is the sun? The position of the sun determines where I shoot. Third, take a ton of pictures! I shoot and shoot and shoot, when someone hires me as a Boca Raton family photographer I really want to deliver.

How to prepare for you family photography session.

Being ready and prepared for you family portrait session makes a huge difference in the outcome of the finished picture. It's important that everyone being photographed is well rested and fed before the photo session starts. I know that many families plan to have a nice dinner after the photo session ends. However, during the photo shoot, its important that everyone being photographed has a good energy level. I always recommend that the people being photographed has a light snack before the family photo session. Not a heavy meal, just something light. In addition, everyone should be well rested, especially kids. Generally I have found that kids tend to get cranky and miss behave if the are run down and tired.

Because photo sessions are usually set for a specific time when the lighting is perfect, it's important that that families allow plenty of time to prepare for the photo session. Having to rush out the door before a photo-shoot means that a family photo session will be rushed , disorganized and often missing something such as hair clips, brushes and so on. When a family has to rush to get to a photo-shoot the tone is sometimes a rushed and disorganized photo session.

Pick great clothes, Make sure to spend some time choosing clothes that look great and go well together. I always recommend parents take a look at Pinterest to get some good ideas. In addition to helping by giving some outfit ideas, you may also find some fun and unique pose ideas that you like. As a Boca Raton family photographer, I am always open to any ideas and photo poses that the family asks for. Of course I have plenty of photo poses and ideas to keep any photo session going for hours. I still get surprised by some of the great ideas that parents and kids have come up with.

Don't forget about props.

Bringing props to a family photo shoot is always a great idea. The props help to make to pictures fun while giving the kids something to play with. Sometimes the parents like to play with the props as well. Photographing a child with a set of balloons or streamers makes for beautiful action photos. It's even better if the color of the props match to color of the outfits.

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While this picture was taken in Boca Raton, I photograph family portraits all over South Florida. I'm based in Boynton Beach, which is just north of Boca Raton and I cover all of Palm Beach County, Broward County and Dade County. If you are visiting South Florida and are in Boca Raton or Boynton Beach call me. However, I also work in all these following towns: Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Parkland, or any other South Florida town.

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