Unique Miami Bar Mitzvah Decor
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Unique Miami Bar Mitzvah Decor

Photo of unique Bar Mitzvah decor taken in Miami, Florida.

Whenever I photograph a Bar Mitzvah Party I'm always amazed at the creativity that is conveyed when it comes to the decor. Over my past 20 years shooting Bat and Bar Mitzvah I have seen a lot of really cool ideas. This party featured a M&M theme. I love M&Ms so I loved this concept. When guests entered this Bar Mitzvah party the were greeted with a plexiglass table that included different compartments designed to hold M&Ms, Flowers, and Yarmulkes. This was the theme through out the entire event. Photographing unique Bat and Bar Mitzvahs has always been a passion because of all the unique and interesting elements that are combined to created an experience that is fun, creative and emotional.

Over the years I have photographed some very unique Bar Mitzvahs and seen some really cool decor ideas. Some of the themes I have photographed include: Snow Skiing, which believe it or not is a very popular South Florida Bar / Bat Mitzvah theme. I have photographed Candy Land Themes, Hockey themes, Night Club theme parties and Fashion Theme Bat Mitzvahs and many many more.

What makes a Bar / Bat Mitzvah party unique?

As a South Florida Bar / Bat Mitzvah photographer I have experienced some very unique events. Because I have seen and experienced so much I have learned a few things. Here are a few tips to consider when planning a really memorable event.

Consider the guests taste buds. In the case of this unique Bar Mitzvah Decor the event planner came up with the idea of creating decor that was both visual and tasty. The colors of the flowers combined with the M&Ms created great visual impact while giving guests something to munch on. Many of the parties I have covered featured candy bars as well. I also shot a Bar Mitzvah where the cuisine was prepared in the center of a ballroom while the guest selected their food from a moving conveyor belt which traveled about the open air kitchen. It was really cool.

Another thing to consider is to make the decor interactive. I photographed another Bar Mitzvah where they built a huge graffiti wall around the party. The kids got to draw and paint all around the party. I believe the paint was washable. Not only did the kids have a great time drawing and painting so did many adults. I also recently photographed a Bat Mitzvah that featured a skating rink. In this case the entire party had a ice cave theme which made the pictures really unique and fun.

If you are looking for a South Florida based photographer who has lots of experience with Bat and Bar Mitzvahs give me a call at (561) 737-5561. I have photographed hundreds of parties and would love to help you plan your special event. In addition I have worked with many of the areas most creative event planners. Some of the planners I work with are high end and more expensive, others are less expensive. If you call me I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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