A wedding kiss at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL
Jeff Kolodny Photography & Video

A wedding kiss at The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

This photo was taken during a destination wedding I photographed at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, FL.   The Breakers is one of South Florida's premier high-end wedding venues.

For a photographer, working at the Breakers is always a treat, the landscape is vast with plenty of trees, fountains, arches & beautiful well landscaped lawns.  On the hotel grounds is a magnificent hotel that is equally beautiful inside.  Inside the breakers hotel you'll find a beautiful high ceiling along with grand ballrooms and a lobby that is just magnificent and beautiful.

Brides and grooms will be treated to amazing ocean views and a gorgeous beach.

This photo was taken in front of one of the Breakers many fountains.  For this photograph I took the bride & groom over to a fountain and positioned them in such a way where the sun is behind them.  Having the sun behind the bride & groom and the fountain gave all the elements some extra drama. By backlighting the fountain the water looked really beautiful.

 To get this shot I just simply had the groom pick her up his now wife and had them share a kiss.   After the photo was color balance and color corrected in Photoshop I added a filter which gave the photograph a tiny bit of yellow tinge in the sky.  Another filter gave little bit of a vintage look to the bride and groom.  I also added a slight vignette around the outside photo which directs the viewers eye to the center of the photograph where all the the action is happening. 

Because the groom was going to be picking up the bride and I realized there would be a lot of movement in this photographic situation.   Because I expected lot’s of movement, I chose a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second.  1/200 of a second is a very fast shutter speed which is very helpful when it comes to freezing action.  It was a pretty bright day,  and I had a lot of light to work with. This situation allowed me to use an ISO of 200 which is a very low ISO and that allowed me to create a photograph that had very little grain.  The f-stop for this photograph was F8.  By choosing F8 I was using a lens opening that was still small enough to allow me to get both the bride and groom in focus as well as the fountain. The camera for this photo was the Nikon D3S,  the Nikon D3S is one Nikon's professional cameras and is great for for sports and high-speed photography,  it worked well in this situation because it's very quick and it will shoot many frames per second,  so in a situation like this I was able to press the shutter and shoot off 15 to 20 frames in just a few seconds,  this gave me the opportunity to catch the exact moment where the bridegroom looked their the best.