Model in red dress at the W hotel in Miami FL
Jeff Kolodny Photography & Video

Model in red dress at the W hotel in Miami FL

Jeff Kolodny photographed this model inside the W hotel in Miami Florida. This photograph was taken with a Canon 5D Mark 3.  In addition Jeff used a Quantum Trio on camera strobe.  

The room this photo was taken in is somewhat small so bouncing the Trio strobe off the wall behind Jeff worked well.  

The model in the photo is Erika Baldwin and she is a very experienced and talented model.  The photo shoot was originally a bridal photo shoot however Erika brought along this beautiful red dress so after the bridal part of the shoot we had her break out the red dress for some extra photos.  

The image was taken in camera raw which is Jeff Kolodny's preferred image format.  Jeff prefers to shoot in camera raw because it allows for more creative control over his images.  As always exposures should be within an acceptable range as based on the camera's histogram.  

Once the image is brought into Adobe photoshop additional adjustments can be made.  After this photo was processed into a .jpg format Jeff added some light streaks with Alien Skin.  Jeff also used Alien Skin the create the vignette around the sides of the images.   

When adding a lighting effect Jeff Kolodny believes that the light effect should only be added to images that have a darker tone under the light effect. Photo lighting effects need to be added in contrast to the darker area of the photo.   You can't see a light lighting effect against an already light background.

Jeff Kolodny is a professional photographer who is based in South Florida.  He not only photographs models but also shoots weddings and corporate events.   

Location: 485 Brickell Avenue Miami, Florida 33131 United States.